My 3 Step DIY Skin Care Routine

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3 Step DIY Natural Skin Care Routine

Part of my main goal for the year is to really keep up a good skin care routine! It sort of hit me a few months ago, when the girl who did my eyebrows suggested an anti-aging serum that they started selling. It was actually pretty terrible because the salesperson at the mall earlier that day asked me if I was wanted to try on a pair of jeans with rips or no rips, looked me up and down and then laughed to herself. (The answer was heck no, I don't want rips in my jeans, but I'm not that much older than you!!) 

I am in my *late* twenties now, and I know I really should be doing lots of good skin care now for the future. I shared my DIY face wash recipe last summer, and since then I've been able to really tweak that recipe and I've added 2 more steps. (The original recipe is still great!) 

I've been following this routine for at least 2 months, and have been very impressed! There are 3 steps like most skin care systems you can buy: Cleanse, tone, and moisturize. These recipes use very few ingredients that are safe and non toxic. 

3 Step DIY Natural Skin Care Routine

Adding just one ingredient to my original recipe makes such a difference in this foaming cleanser. It's such a luxurious foam, and this is so pleasant to use. Frankincense is great for wrinkles, lavender is calming and tea tree will kill bacteria. 
Here is what you do:
Add the following to an empty foaming dispenser:
- 1/4 cup unscented castile soap
- 4 Tbsp jojoba oil
- 15 drops lavender
- 15 drops tea tree oil
- 15 drops frankincense
Fill the rest up with distilled water. Shake before use!
I've read about so many benefits to using apple cider vinegar on your face! I historically have pretty bad blackheads on my nose, but since using this I have seen a huge difference. The smell is potent to say the least. I do think you get used to it though.
Here is what you do:
Combine the following to a glass jar:
- 1 part distilled water
- 1 part apple cider vinegar (get the kind that says "with the mother")
Apply with a cotton pad and let dry.
This step was the weirdest to start. Rubbing oil on your face?! It really is amazing though. Jojoba oil is so moisturizing and it actually absorbs into your face. I use it on my entire face-even the places I consider oily. It does not make your face greasy because it does not clog your pores.  Hello glow!
Here is what you do:
Using the same bottle of jojoba oil that went into your face wash add:
- 15 drops lavender
- 15 drops frankincense
Use about 1-2 drops and massage into your skin. I usually wait about 5 minutes before applying makeup. (Tip: Places like your eyelids don't seem to absorb this super well, so make sure they are dry before applying eye shadow.) 
I do these three steps in the morning, and then again in the evening after removing my makeup. This is the first time I've really stuck with a system, but I know it's because I've actually seen it improve my skin. I love it so much I wanted to share!

Leave a comment below if someone has implied that you aren't so young anymore recently! Do you have a trusty skin care routine that you love? How about making your own beauty products, have you tried it?! 
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