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These Currently Loving posts are some of my favorite things to share! I feel like I'm recommending things I really like to friends. It's also how I get great recommendations in return! The things I'm sharing this month are sort of random, but it was actually really easy for me to make this list. It's all stuff I'm genuinely happy I bought and will most likely buy again!

I kind of accidentally stumbled upon this. I really needed a detangling spray, because for some reason my hair has been a beast in the tangles department lately. (In fact my watch told me 'Great workout!' after brushing my hair one morning!!) I ran into Ulta on my lunch break and as usual meandered around the store with no idea what I was doing. There were about 50 employees but no one ever asked me to help. Anyways. I found this spray. Marc Anthony was in my Ipsy box several times, so I figured I'd give it a shot. 

Not only does it smell amazing, but it really helps with tangles. I didn't really notice that it was a growth support spray until I got home but that was just icing on the cake. My hair has really grown  a lot recently (yay regular vitamin taking!) and this was actually the perfect thing to find. 

Marc Anthony Grow Long Spray

After going vegetarian, and subsequently dairy free, I have kind of had to completely re-curate my recipe collection. Super difficult, but it's also nice to mix things up and try new things. Many, many recipes that are dairy free call for nutritional yeast, which I had never heard of. 

Basically, it's a flaky seasoning. It has a really interesting nutty, cheesy flavor. Hence, why it's in a lot of dairy free recipes! It's also in a lot of vegetarian recipes because it is a source of B12 which most people get from meat. 

In addition to all of the new recipes I've been trying, I've been adding this to popcorn! It's delicious! 

Nutritional Yeast

This is the best stuff!! A friend of ours saw this dessert hummus on Shark Tank recently and when she saw it at our grocery store she made everyone she knew try it. I'm hooked! It's great on fruit, vanilla wafers, or even pretzels. 

I thought I had some in the fridge, but I guess we ate it here is a stock photo! You can find it right next to the regular hummus at the store! 

In my latest Grove shipment I added in wool dryer balls! I've been wanting to get some, but they aren't the cheapest thing in the world to justify. Grove's own brand came out with them maybe a month ago, and I instantly added them to my next shipment. I am seriously impressed. They cut the drying time by almost half! You can add a few drops of essential oils to the balls and that adds a really nice scent to your laundry. The balls bounce around in the dryer and separate your clothes which really helps get big blankets dried evenly and faster. 

Use my link to sign up for Grove and get $10 off! I really didn't think I'd love this website as much as I do.

Wool Dryer Balls

I am not a candle person, but this is one that I seriously love! Most candles give me headaches, but I thought a soy candle with a vanilla fragrance would be the safest one to try. It's lovely and homey! I'm not sure if I will purchase it again because I pretty much solely use my diffuser to add scent to our house, but this was definitely worth buying! These last for something like 70 hours and you can reuse the mason jar when it's spent. 

Grove Collab Soy Candle

As a professional handwasher, I am super particular about my dish soap! I go back and forth between Method and Mrs. Meyers because I love both brands. But, I just discovered the Mrs. Meyer's Basil scent. It smells amazing! I am always scared to try new scents, unless I can smell them in the store. I actually HATE the MM lavender scent. It gives me the worst headache. So, I'm wary. Our Publix started selling the basil scent, so I gave it a sniff and was sold. 

Just this week when I was in Target I smelled the bluebell scent and that's definitely the one I'm buying next. It reminds me of the soap my mom used to buy when I was growing up. 

Also, side note. I can't have the Mrs. Meyers dish soap without a Mrs. Meyer's hand soap next to it. So, there is literally a half used Method hand soap under the sink until I buy a Method dish soap again. #IKnowI'mWeird

Mrs. Meyers Cleaning Products

Digital planning is still my jam, but I decided to try out a small addition to that system with a more at-a-glance calendar on the fridge. This ended up being the perfect solution for those times when I'm on the phone and need to pick a date for something, or just need a quick mental reminder about what we have going on. 

I have a lot more details in my Google calendar-like anniversaries and schedules. But this is very helpful for those times when I'm doing something out of the ordinary. The smaller weekly calendar we've used for years as a meal planning chart-and that system has been really great for us. Loving this little command center!

Fridge Command Center

Erin Condren Notebook (Use my referral code for a discount!)
Again, I am still digital planning, but after seeing another blogger do this I really wanted to try adding this to my routine. I designed an Erin Condren coiled notebook, which I think is SO fun. Customization is everything. 

Each page has a gray heading and then it's layed out like a regular notebook. I have been adding the date on the top of the page, and then making a sort of to-do list for the day underneath. I started on October 31st, so I felt like I could share this after a month of experimenting with it. 

I have found this SO helpful. I've been making lists each day differently. Sort of writing down whatever is going to help me be productive that day. So, some days I write a generic to do list. Other days I make a list of what I need to pack. Adding things like 'text whoever' or 'pray about this' has just taken my productivity to the next level. 

In my digital planning post I mention the app Wunderlist, which I still use! There are times a digital list is great. But, I really like writing down a few goals for the day in my notebook over breakfast and so this notebook is working great for that purpose. 

Erin Condren Coiled Notebook

Leave a comment below if we share any favorite this time! Tell me what you are currently loving, and if you like seeing other people's recommendations!
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