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DIY Castile Soap Face Wash

Monday, July 31, 2017

Popping in today to share the potentially easiest DIY I've done in a long time! (Well, not as easy as cleaning your Alex and Ani bracelets by covering them in ketchup-my most popular post ever!) This one is a recipe for a DIY face wash using castile soap. 

I've been on a sort of simplification journey for the good part of a year now, and relentlessly examining different ways to make our lifestyle more efficient and easy to maintain. One of the things I've tried to simplify-which seems so minor-is the amount of products in the shower. It really started to seem ridiculous that Blake and I had separate face washes, shampoos, conditioners, body washes and shaving creams. All because one smelled a little more manly! (Most of my products are scent free anyway.) 

It was incredibly easy for us to start using the same shampoos, conditioners and soap, but we had a hard time when it came to choosing a face wash. Stuff that seemed to work for me, didn't work for him. So when we ran out of the last face wash we tried, I decided I'd try a DIY.

DIY Castile Soap Face Wash Recipe
Here's What You Do:
- Foaming Soap Pump (I reused one from BB&W-but you can buy them online as well.)
- 1/4 Cup Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap, any scent
- 5-10 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil for oily skin OR 5-10 drops Geranium Essential Oil for normal/aging skin.

Combine all ingredients in your foaming dispenser, fill the rest up with water and shake well before use!
I use one pump, and Blake likes to use two pumps. I will say this gives your face that 'squeaky clean' feeling right after you rinse-which is not my favorite. But, that only seems to last a few seconds and then your face feels completely normal, albeit clean. 

The results were almost immediate! We both didn't have the clearest skin when we first started using this cleanser, but after using it morning and night for just a day or two-both of us had great results. And I LOVE that this has limited ingredients, and I already had everything on hand to make it. (I just had to finish up the soap so I could use the dispenser!) 

Castile soap is so versatile! I use it in some of my DIY cleaners, but I had no idea you could use it for beauty products too. It's made from vegetables, so it's natural, and it's concentrated, so a little goes a longggg way! So, really this is a great money saving DIY too. Face washes can be pretty pricey. 

Leave a comment below if you love DIY's! I'd love to hear if you and your husband use separate bath and body products or have you found some that you both like?!  Tell me what you use castile soap for! 


  1. This is awesome! We love essential oils and will definitely have to try this!

    Katherine |

  2. Replies
    1. Simple is exactly what I strive for-even in something silly like a face wash!

  3. I do use an expensive oil face wash, but I get for super cheap using my credit card points. But this is a great alternative and waaaay cheaper!

    1. It's so awesome when you can use your points for something useful!

  4. You are so awesome for purifying your beauty products. My friend is Beauty Counter Rep and has been educating me all about it. So many things I didn't know!

  5. This is interesting... I don't have very good skin but my husband does. He just uses whatever I have in the house because he isn't as sensitive as I am. We might have to give this a try, though! Especially since you both had good results!



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