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What's In My Bag - Come Look Inside!

Monday, May 29, 2017

What's In My Bag -

What's In My Bag -

I was cleaning out my purse, which needed to be done ages ago, and I looked over and everything was lined up so nicely! I snapped a quick picture, and thought I'd share what I put back in my bag. I actually didn't take that much out, but you know how gum wrappers and receipts wind up in there! 

These days I'm not carrying around my paper planner, and that has freed up a lot of real estate in my purse. I'm experimenting with going digital this year! If I don't like it, I plan to go right back to the Emily Ley planners

What I do carry around:
My Wallet
Blake bought me this wallet for our anniversary this year! It's the Kate Spade Neda Wallet in Off We Go. I don't even know what you'd call this color, but it may be my favorite color. This wallet is awesome. It's quite thin for being able to hold so much. There are plenty of slots for cards, as well as pockets for receipts and coupons.

Cosmetic Catch All
I loved my wallet so much I bought the Kate Spade Gia in Off We Go too. It's a great pouch for cosmetics, or anything really. I use it to hold my lip glosses and lotions. It's also plenty big if I need to bring touch-up makeup with me.

My gum chewing habit is sorta out of control. I'm paranoid about bad-breath. At our last Sam's trip I picked up a huge 20 pack of Orbit gum. I won't tell you how many I've already used up.

My hands go through a lot. I hand wash dishes and I clean houses. There is nothing better than putting lotion on your hands when they feel parched. I threw this Eucerin lotion into our last Prime Pantry box and it's perfect for my purse. 

Ibuprofen and Headache Roller
I reach for my roller first. I made it out of coconut oil and peppermint essential oil and found these rollers on Amazon. (Label from Etsy!) When I feel a headache coming on I will roll it onto my wrists and behind my ears. It really works! I keep the Ibuprofen on hand just in case. I was grateful to have it the other day when my hips were especially sore after a workout. 

When I carried my paper planner, I actually had a whole bag full of colorful pens! I don't need every color of the rainbow anymore, but I still like to carry a few. My favorite pen is the Stabilo Point 88 pens.

If I forget my sunglasses, my day is practically ruined. My eyes water a lot and sunglasses really help with that. Plus I hate squinting! 
I don't bother with expensive brands, because I know I will lose them or break them...or one of my pugs will get ahold of them. (Looking at you Winston!) Go for a pair like these sunglasses instead!

I don't wear these as much as I should. I only need glasses for distance, and in particular reading at a distance. (Think street signs.) The main reason is because they don't sit quite right on my head. I think one of my ears in lower than the other! I'd like to get a tortoise pair like these ones from Warby Parker.

Hair Ties
Notice the plural. I need 2 with me at all times. My hair is incredibly thick and I break a hair tie almost on a daily basis. If I'm desperate enough to need one and it breaks, I'm up the creek. It happens so often I carry double! 

Memory Cards
This is a work thing and a blogger thing! We take pictures of houses every day at work and we don't delete them until weeks later, because you never know! I can't tell you how many times the card was full and I had to go back in and carefully select pictures to erase. Carrying an extra card is very helpful! And of course a good blogger would carry her camera around at all times too...although I'm sure you noticed that my camera is not in my bag at the moment.

Phone Cord
Welcome to 2017! Definitely something you want with you, just in case. My phone requires a USB-C charger so not everyone has an extra one of those lying around. It's good to have when you need it!

Lip Balm
Because who likes chapped lips! I like Burt's Bees, like most people.

Car Sickness Essential Oils
I use Motioneaze, but you could probably make this yourself. I can get SO carsick, so I like to carry these drops with me. You just dab a few droplets behind your ears when you know you're going to get motion sick, or when you already feel bad. There are a few people I avoid riding with!

And, last but not least! My phone. I have a Google Pixel XL and I couldn't love it more. All my apps were Google before anyway, so it's perfect for what I need it for. Google Photos is life changing, by the way! I do have the XL, and it's quite heavy! I used to have a Samsung Note, so I'm used to big phones, but this one is heavier or something. I'd be lost without my PopSocket! (I have the Rose Gold one, it's so pretty!)

Leave a comment below if any of these items are in your bag too! I'd love to hear what you absolutely can't leave the house without. 

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  1. My pugs loveeeeee hair ties lol.

    1. Gosh, so do mine! That's why I never have any extra!!

  2. I love that Kate Spade pattern. I feel like I need to step up my game and get an adult wallet. Lol

    1. Isn't it so cute!? It's so fun for this time of year. Target has great wallets too, you don't have to spend a bunch! If you want a Kate Spade, definitely wait until the Surprise Sale rolls around again, or check ebay! The outlets tend to have good prices too.

  3. I love that your wallet and catch-all match :) Your bag looks a lot like mine- full of stuff! ha. You'll have to let us know how going digital is- I don't know if I could do it!

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