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I fired my 'Instagram Husband' last fall and while I probably should feel bad about that, we are both happier this way! I had to beg him to take a quick shot or two on our front porch on our way out. He was always less than thrilled. My cousin-in-law Chabeli has been taking my outfit photos since November, and it's so fun to work with a real photographer! She is amazing and you will continue to hear me brag on her forever. (I guest posted for her in April!)

She sends me tons of great images to use for my outfit posts, including some that I have been saving for a blooper reel! We are laughing and talking throughout all of our shoots, so many of the images are me mid belly laugh or making some kind of crazy expression in response to something she told me about her day. There is also a lot of hair fixing and lip gloss applying behind the scenes. I even had one guy want to pose with me! 

These pictures crack me up. My dad always says I never have to tell anyone what I'm thinking, because my face says it all. Everytime I see these digital albums I have to admit he's right. I post the pretty shots of me at my best angles, but these truly show my personality and how I can never do anything seriously. 

Leave a comment below if you want to see more in the future! Do these pictures ruin my blogger image? haha! 
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