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On Minimalism

Monday, August 22, 2016

There are two very opposite trends going on in the world today. Consumerism is totally the norm, but there has been such a push toward Minimalism lately as well. I find myself stuck in the middle of both lifestyles and it's been confusing.
What I Like 
On the one hand I hate being wasteful. And as a part-time housekeeper, clutter gives me the chills! We all have been conditioned to think we need things that we really don't. I watched a Youtube video the other day about how most people have 2 shower curtains-one to actually function as a water barrier and the other as a decoration. You really only need the clear one, but we've come accustomed to thinking that both are standard. That started such a brainstorm for me. How many other things are there like that? 

I personally have SO many clothes, yet most days I feel like I don't have anything to wear, or I reach for the same things. I love the approach to minimalist wardrobes that stick to a color scheme so everything coordinates and matches. There are so many benefits to that. Less time staring at your closet deciding, less clutter...

Then there is the whole money-saving aspect of minimalism. If you don't buy as many things, you don't spend as much money. Your purchases are less impulsive, and you invest in quality. 

Functionality has always been a priority for me. That's my approach to organization: Is it functional? Am I going to be able to keep up with it? The less stuff you accumulate the easier it is to organize and to implement systems for your family's benefit. 

What I Don't Like
I like pretty things! I like my home to be filled with pretty things! I really don't like the idea of bare white walls and a white couch with a single side table, etc...I love homes that are warm and inviting and cozy- with pictures on the wall and a variety of colors. 

From what I've read on the minimalist lifestyle, so far, it seems like there are some extreme cases where the person only wears black and their home has 1 plate and 1 cup. Just thinking about that makes me uncomfortable! To me that doesn't seem like an enjoyable life. We were created with the ability to appreciate beauty and variety. 

My Approach
-My Wardrobe
This is something I can definitely work on. I LOVE the idea of a color scheme. 80% of my clothes are navy blue anyway, so I think this is something I can easily start. I'd like to cut my closet down by at least 1/3. 

I spend way too much money on clothing anyway. I've been pretty good about only buying used items from consignment shops or ebay, but I'd still like to cut back on the amount. It's pretty sad when you flip through your hangers and realize you forgot you owned something. I also have a huge problem with buying workout clothes. I own way too many and that drawer is overflowing. 

-My Home
I have a list of a few things that I'd like to buy for our house. In the past, as soon as it popped into my head, I'd run to Target and buy whatever it was that I thought I needed. Now I want to plan ahead for these purchases, shop around and only buy them when our budget easily allows. Ideally, I'd like to buy these new things with the money that I get from selling old things. 

I really love having nice things in our house, but I think we've gotten accustomed to a lifestyle that isn't really necessary. Buying decor just for the fall season is actually really frivolous, but it's something Pinterest makes us feel necessary. 

So here is my take-away from all of this: I want to have a little bit of both lifestyles. I think less is more, and there are so many benefits to living simply! But, I don't want to live a deprived life either. If I want something I don't see the need to withhold it from myself just because it's not a live sustaining need. 

Leave me a comment: Have you ever tried to reevaluate your lifestyle? What do you think of minimalism? Is it too extreme or too boring for you? 


  1. One plate?? Um no I don't want to wash dishes all the time lol. However, if and when we move to Hawaii I'm all for minimalism!

  2. I love your take on the whole debate! I also agree with parts of minimalism but I never want to feel deprived or I'm going to one extreme that it seems crazy. I helped us a ton when we moved across half the country from a 2 story house into a 700 square foot apartment. We definitely had to start being more intentional.

  3. I'm on the same boat with the whole wardrobe situation. A spring clean and decluttering the closet is in order soon! :)
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