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Friday Five

Friday, January 8, 2016

one// My mom came *this close* to signing me up for an etiquette class when I was a kid. She had a tough little girl on her hands! Fortunately, while I still think I'm a little bit tough, I really did develop an appreciation for politeness and it's always a goal of mine to refine my personality. 
Emily Post is like the name in the etiquette world, and her grandkids are carrying on that legacy. I've been really enjoying their Awesome Etiquette podcast. It's a super modern take on etiquette, and I love the advice they give! It's not just about keeping your pinky finger in the air while you sip your tea-it's about how to be tactful and how to address certain precarious situations with honesty. I've been taking lots of mental notes!

two// I had so much fun on Sunday night watching the premier of Downton Abbey with some fellow fans. We had cookies and hot tea while we watched! Super fun and I continue to love that show. It's the outfits and accents really. 

three// Okay, who else is watching The Bachelor!? It's such a guilty pleasure. Last year I even made up a work out to do while I'm watching on Mondays. After the first episode I don't really have a favorite girl, but I will say that I think Ben is going to make a great Bachelor. He seems pretty genuine and not super boring like Chris Soules was. 

four// New Balance and RunDisney paired up for an extremely adorable collection for the Disney Marathon this weekend. My love for fitness apparel and Disney collided so nicely! I want to personally start a campaign to have a shoe designed for each princess! And I'd be first in line to buy. 

five// This week I signed up for a group fitness class for the entire month of January! I paid upfront, so I'm really hoping that helps with my accountability. Two of my good friends go too, so that will make it more fun! So far I have been SO sore after each class. I decided to lower the weight that I'm using-which sort of feels wrong to say, but with the amount of reps we are doing I have to. There is no reason to be sore for 5 days afterward! I was definitely overdoing it at first. Excited to see some results!

Happy Friday guys! Enjoy your weekend.

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