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Friday Five

Friday, December 4, 2015

one// Semi-obsessed with changing my phone wallpaper lately! To me it's like your nail polish-easy to change it up when you want something fresh! I have quite a collection of illustrated pug backgrounds, but this week I'm loving the Peel and Eat Lilly Pulitzer pattern! You can download it from their website in any size that you want. 

two// I didn't get to do a Friday Five last week because of our vacation, but I did want to share a few pictures that were technically last week. One thing I do love about north Florida is the nature. We may live in a small town but we are really close to a lot cool hidden treasures. Here are some pictures of one such place! It's a little spring that feeds the Suwannee River.

three// Is anyone else watching Supergirl?! I think this is the cutest show! I love the girl power. Plus she's got the cutest outfits when she's not in the Supergirl costume. Never would have thought that some of my favorite shows would be superhero themed! Although I did like maybe it's not that surprising. Anyway, anybody watching?

four// Feeling quite stressed at the moment, as we have company arriving this evening and I feel so unready! I'm so excited for our friends to get here but I have so much left to do! Our house is kind of always tidy but I like to have it looking just a bit nicer when we have people over. So it's completely self imposed stress.

five// Here is your weekly Delly! We missed her so much while we were on our trip. She's been exceptionally cuddly this week, which I think means she's glad we're back.

Happy Friday and have a great next week!

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