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2015 Family Cruise on the Carnival Fascination

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My family and I practically just walked into the door from our vacation! We always have so much fun together, and of course the best part is just being with each other. Even though we have 3 new guys in the family, I still have flashback moments of our original party of 5 I grew up with. Our parents took us on a cruise every year for most of my life, so my sister and I were super eager to take our husbands and my nephew. Two of my aunts and their families joined us as well! We may have talked it up too much though because this cruise was nothing short of eventful...

A few highlights!
one// An hour or two into our journey we noticed that the moon was on the wrong side of our dining room. Only to find out someone on board had a medical emergency that required us to turn back around! Our itinerary  had to then change because we lost several traveling hours. We ended up doing the first port planned, on the second day instead. No biggie. I really do hope whoever was sick is a-okay.

two// Also on the first night the Captain made an announcement that everyone should expect rough seas and high winds...!! We have been on a dozen cruises and this was truly the first time I've ever gotten seasick! Thank goodness my mom thought to bring Dramamine. Life-saver! It was terrible. If that had been my first cruise experience I don't think I'd be going again. 

three// Because our days got switched around we weren't sure what to do when we got to Nassau. A few taxi drivers fought over us and one convinced us he knew of a great beach club he could take us to. We piled all 13 of us into the smallest van I've ever seen. It was so weighed down in the back when we hit a speed bump parts of the car literally fell off!! And when we got out the rear right tire was flat! Oh and that great beach club he took us to was really an alley next to a convenience store. And then it started raining!! The water was so blue so I did manage to get a few pictures before we left. Because we were so close to Atlantis we thought we'd just walk there and buy a day pass to their pool. Ha! It's $150 per person to use the pool. So half of us ended up shopping around town and the other half went back to the boat. Blake and I ended up going back to the boat and it was great! No one was around and we got great seats and a personal bar waiter. 

four// One night at dinner we saw a commotion and realized that a little girl was choking a few tables over. I've never seen such panic! The family was helpless and that little girl looked terrified. A nurse at the next table ran over and saved the day! It was so heroic. It happened so quickly but I realized 4 waiters were running over, ready to help, so she had plenty of rescuers. It was very sobering though! Only 5 minutes later did I remember I know how to do the Heimlich on both adults and babies. Time just stands still in an emergency. 

five// Blake and I are a house divided when it comes to the FSU v UF game every year! I am a Seminole fan and he went to UF. It stinks because at the end of the night one of us is going to be unhappy. To be honest, I'd rather it be me because Blake takes it much more seriously than I do. Saturday was the big game and fortunately one of the bars on the boat had ESPN. The bar was divided too! It was fun to watch with a bunch of other fans, and everyone got along which is a good thing! FSU won, but the best part of the whole game was when that police officer caught the ball! Anybody else see that?

six// One thing I love about Carnival is all of the activities going on at the same time. There is plenty to choose from! Blake showed up early for the Star Wars trivia. And he won. By a lot! He got all twenty questions right, down the the punctuation of the quotes. I am proud and equally embarrassed, haha!

seven// By far the highlight was our excursion in Freeport. We signed up for an all-inclusive beach day at a beach club. It was great. Chairs and umbrellas were all set up and waiting for us. There were tons of water and land activities. Some of us rented jetskis and kayaks and others played basketball and corn hole. Mostly I just laid out in the sun! The drinks were included in the price which was awesome! Although the menu had lots to choose from, we figured out they had 3 colored jugs of alcohol and you got either a pink, yellow or blue drink. Weather it was a Bahama Mama, Mai Tai, or Hurricane-it all tasted the same. But, good none-the-less. 

Even with all the crazy stuff going on, we had a blast! There is nothing like that blue Bahamian water and being with your family. We decided if we cruise again, it has to be a Disney cruise. We parked next to a Disney ship in Nassau and nothing compares!

Now that we are home I'm swaying from side to side like we're still on the boat! Back to reality as they say. Although, I am glad to be home again with the pug! We missed her! I am sad we will have no one to make our bed every morning...but I feel like I've eaten enough for the year and ready to start drinking kale smoothies to get back to normal.

Leave me a comment: Are your favorite vacations the uneventful ones or the ones with all the funny stories to go along with them? Have you been on a cruise? Did you have a good experience? 

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