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Friday Five

Friday, November 20, 2015

one// The November Ipsy bag did not disappoint! The actual bag is this crazy galaxy bag, which is not something I plan to keep. I usually keep the pouches because you can always find a use for a good zippered bag. I keep my hair ties in one, I use another to store my lipsticks..etc. But, this one is probably going in the yard sale pile. 
As for the products, I seriously haven't gotten a product I don't like yet! My favorite is the eyeshadow primer. I've been using it this past week and it's awesome. My eyeshadow has been lasting all day. 

two// Last weekend Blake and I had the sweetest date night! Ironically, when you don't have kids, anytime you go out it's date, but anyways! We grabbed dinner, saw a movie and had frozen yogurt (which is my very favorite thing). We saw Spectre. Going out the movies is one of my favorite things to do. I love movies, and popcorn and all that goes with it. However. I've noticed my anxiety gets really bad now! It's probably a combination of the suspenseful movie, loud sound and in-your-face screen. I don't know, but it definitely makes going to the movies less appealing.  
Also, Spectre was just okay. There were some cool parts, but I'm kind of over the same ole' womanizing character. 

three// I want to talk about the laziest thing I think I've ever done. I was sitting in our office on the computer this week, and I look over to see that Delly made herself a little bed under the side table on the other side of the room. She looked SO cute. I immediately reached for my phone to take a picture, but I realized it was in the other room. Instead of getting up to go and get it, I spent the next 10 minutes googling how to work our webcam so I could point the computer at her to take a picture. In the meantime she got up and went into the living room. Sigh. I will justify myself in that she may have gotten up to follow me when I went to retrieve my phone. However, nothing makes up for the fact that my DSLR was in my camera bag, right under the desk I was sitting at.

four// Sunday night I came down with this killer flu-cold thing. I've been stuck at home all week! At least I have Delly to keep me company. She is great for cuddling. Although she has a real knack for making herself comfortable in the most uncomfortable positions for me. As if I wasn't having a hard time breathing anyway, she found herself quite content laying all 20lbs on my chest. She tries to snatch up my cough drops any chance she gets too. =]

five// This time next week we will be on our cruise!! I'm so excited, and also a little stressed thinking of all the packing I have yet to start. Expect lots of pictures when we get back!

Happy Friday!


  1. Just signed up for Ipsy. Can't wait to get my first bag!

    1. Yay!! You'll love it! I've honestly liked everything I've gotten so far.



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