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Book Club: The Devil in the White City

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

This is a non-fiction book with 2 stories in one. It's the story of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair and also the story of H.H. Holmes, a serial killer who was active around the time of the fair. The fair was nicknamed the White City, and while that amazing thing was going on, a very dark thing was happening in a hotel nearby. 

What I Didn't Like:
This book has amazing reviews, so my expectations were pretty high. I also didn't know that it was a non-fiction. Erik Larson does an amazing job of telling a true story in the most accurate way possible. Anytime there is dialogue in the book, it came from a diary or some other first hand account. That being said he does seem to take liberties with describing body language and opinions, inconsistently. That was a little frustrating.
There are SO many facts in this book. SOO many. I honestly think half of them were unnecessary. For example, I was really hooked on one chapter, hanging on every word-and then in the next chapter he starts telling a completely random story about the Mayor of Chicago.
I also expected the two stories to intersect more than the fact that they happened at the same time. 

What I Liked: 
I learned so much reading this book! From architecture in the 1880/90s, to the invention of the Ferris Wheel. There are some really cool cameos from people like Edison, Tesla and Buffalo Bill. It was just a really interesting time in the world! There hadn't really been any serial killers yet, other than Jack the Ripper. This book really takes you back in time and paints a very vivid picture of the world. I love books that teach me something.
They truly don't know how many people this man murdered. The description of the evidence found was very chilling because of that.

Overall Rating: 
3 out of 5 Stars (1: hated it, 2: didn't like it, 3: liked it, 4:liked it, 5: loved it)
Overall I did like this book, but I was incredibly bogged down with the details about dates and facts and names. 

Have you read Devil in the White City?
What are you reading??


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    1. Honestly, I don't have a good excuse!! I think I was on vacation the first week I missed, and then sort of got out of the habit. Thanks for noticing =]

  2. I'm always on the hunt for new books to read! Thanks for sharing!

    xo Jen
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