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This Week: August 7th

Friday, August 7, 2015

I'm Watching: Blake and I had a date night for the first time in a long time last Saturday! He planned the whole thing, which is so cute and appreciated. He bought us movie tickets to see the new Mission Impossible movie and made dinner reservations. I didn't even know a new MI movie was coming out! It was decent, but I kind of think Tom Cruise needs to retire this type of movie. Although at the same time I give him major props for staying in shape and performing his own crazy stunts!  

I'm Reading:  Iheart Organizing had 2 great DIY posts this week! I loved this one on how to make your own acrylic clipboard, and may just have to attempt it. Also, totally filing away her idea on how to store kid's school memories. My mom saved every piece of art we did in school and it's so fun to look through! 
& Have you seen Khloe Kardashian's fitness closet?? It's the dream. I have so many workout clothes, it would be so amazing to display them like her. 
Loving this outfit post from Lofty Closet. Mint is just the best and will never get old. 
And one last thing from around the web: I'm going to try out day you can collect 6 coins that equal $6. On the 24th of the month you can use your coins towards a purchase. If I understand correctly that means you can collect $180 to spend! I'm going to try it out and see how it goes. Let me know if you have tried it! 

I'm Listening To: Sugar, you by Oh Honey

I'm Wishing For: I'm not wishing for anything personally right this moment, but I am wishing for a few extra $$ to pay for the gifts we need to buy this month! August is a big anniversary month for some of our closest people-the close people you get gifts for. It all adds up! Especially because I am quite the over-gifter. 

I Need To: Ironing!! This is something that I always put off. The pile just grows and grows. Both Blake and I wore a ton of dress clothes in the last week so that means it's an extra big pile. I just need to put on a good movie and get to it. 

I'm Looking Forward To:  Disney Weekend!! 

I'm Making: This week we made the best blueberry chocolate chip waffles from scratch. SOO good. We even made extra batter for the next day. Anybody else put peanut butter on their waffles and pancakes? That's the way I've always eaten them, but Blake thinks it's so weird. 

Favorite Moment of the Week: Last week I was completely out of my routine, in a good way, but I was so eager to get back to regular life. It's so funny that I crave adventure and excitement but I am just so happy to go back to a schedule and routine. 

Weekly Delly: Sometimes Delly goes outside and doesn't come back in for awhile, and everytime I go to check on her she is just laying out in the grass staring at the sun. She loves it for about 5 minutes, but it's so hot in Florida she is ready to come back in shortly. 

On a sad note, Willy the pug passed away this week. Willy is famous from my Pug Pro/Con post. He was Blake's parent's pug who was the very first pug I've ever met. He was a special guy, and we are really sad that he won't be there next time we visit his parents. Pets just become such parts of the family and I know they will miss his presence. 

xoxo Kristen

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  1. My husband wants to see MI so bad! His guilty pleasure movies.



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