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A Few Disney Firsts

Monday, August 10, 2015

As annual passholders of Walt Disney World, it is not often at all that we get to have 3 Disney firsts in one weekend! That is one of the reasons I love vacationing at Disney. There is so much to be done and new things to try. We have been going multiple times a year for years and still haven't touched every attraction. 

Staying onsite is just the best. Yeah, it's pricy, but so worth what you pay for. We've never stayed at either Port Orleans hotels, but were so impressed! We stayed in one of the alligator bayou rooms and it was great. Gotta love a room with a ceiling fan! One of the highlights was the cool boat trip you can take over to Downtown Disney! 

The second First: Splitsville
After not going to Downtown Disney for a long time I was so blown away by all the changes! The parking garage is impressive in itself! (There are little charts that tell you how many spaces are left on a row, how smart is that!?) There was quite a bit of construction so that made for some crowded walkways, but it is going to be so nice when they are finished. We stopped in a few stores, like Basin for bath bombs and this cool shaving shop called The Art of Shaving. Next time I want to get Blake an appointment there. We ended up at Splitsville for dinner and bowling and I will never be the same! Our bowling alley will just never compare. Dinner, drinks, bowling and live music all in one place is pretty awesome. Not awesome is not packing any socks and having to buy theirs. Although they are pretty nice socks..
It was so dark in there my phone camera just couldn't keep up. 

Gotta love the granny throw! And how cool is it that the bumpers will raise up and down for each individual bowler?? 

The third First: Typhoon Lagoon!
We have been to Blizzard Beach, but never Typhoon Lagoon. As Florida residents we were able to buy the after 2pm year pass which is an amazing deal! We literally rode everything between 2pm and closing, so it's definitely worth it. Can't wait to go back! We also have Florida Seasonal park passes which have black out dates in the summer, so now we will be able to do the water parks when we are craving a Disney trip in those hot summer months! 
My favorite attraction was Shark Reef! You borrow a mask and vest and you can snorkel in a saltwater tank with Sharks and Rays! 

One thing I like about Typhoon Lagoon is how lush and tropical it is. Blizzard Beach is a lot of fun but there is just a ton more concrete. Typhoon Lagoon had these purple flowers everywhere and they were so gorgeous. We had a blast riding the lazy river and jumping out at each waterslide along the way. We were so grateful the storms passed over and we only had to deal with clouds. I do not mind avoiding sunburns! Especially when our sunscreen was locked up in our locker and not easy to get to. 
Now we are trying to convince all of our friends to get the waterpark pass! It's so much more affordable than the big park passes! And who wants to go to the regular parks when it is so unbelievably hot out?! 
We had such a great weekend! You can tell how much fun you had by how hard it is to get up Monday morning. 

Leave me a comment: What's on your Disney bucket list!? Have you been to Splitsville or Typhoon Lagoon? What is your favorite Disney hotel?  

xoxo Kristen

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