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Thrift Shopping Tips

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"Thanks, I got it at Goodwill!" is something I say far more often that I ever thought I would. There is absolutely nothing better than finding a new piece of clothing that you paid a couple bucks for, and then getting complimented on it. It's so funny to me that I get more compliments on thrift finds than anything I've ever paid full price at J Crew for. It's like confirmation that I did a good thing. 
I have a few favorite consignment and thrift stores in various cities nearby. I live in the tiniest of towns where there is actually an abundance of second hand stores. Which only sell crap. Seriously. 
Which brings me to my first tip for thrifting! 
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one// Find a shop on the nicer side of town. Or in a College town for that matter. If you want to find brands you like, shop near the places where people can afford them. I'm telling you right now no one in my small town even knows what Anthropologie means. But, fortunately we live near 4 bigger cities, all of which have a population of people who appreciate brands I like. After a little trial and error, I know which shops have cute stuff! 

two// Have a full stomach and the patience to search. I can not shop if I am hungry. I will get frustrated and barely give any of the racks attention. I prepare myself to dive in! That means full stomach and nothing else on the calendar to rush me. A few of the shops I like are LOADED with clothes. It would take you days to sift through everything. Since consignment and thrift stores only usually have 1 of each item, you have to look at every single piece on the rack to find something you like. This takes patience and a good mood! 

three// Really look at the item. There might be a reason that shirt is only 50 cents. It could have a stain on it, or a big rip. Take your time giving it the once over. You may even want to use your phone's flashlight to examine it, in case the store has low lighting. 

four// Try it on! I can't stress this tip enough! While you can find those gold nuggets with tags still attached, most of the items are preloved. Which means they've been washed and dried. Just because it's your size doesn't mean it will fit you like a brand new item. That may be the reason the first owner got rid of it! Try it on and make sure you really like it. Don't just buy it because it's really cheap. 

five// Make friends with the staff. This might sound like a weird tip, especially for you introverts out there. I have a few favorite consignment shops that know me (embarrassing?) and they have given me a frequent customer punch card. After you spend a certain amount they give you a huge discount. If you are friendly, some shop owners will even help you shop! Especially if they know your size! They've touched every item of clothing that has come through and they may be able to help you find a hidden gem! 

Leave me a comment: Do you love thrifting? What was your best find? Tell me your tips for finding the best stuff!

xoxo Kristen


  1. Next time you're up for a shopping trip let me know. These days the only places that carry my size I can't afford to shop in. So I need to find stuff second hand! And the only one I know of is the one in Alachua.

    1. Absolutely!! There is one I've been wanting to try in Valdosta, so that would be fun to check out together!

  2. Please share your thrift/consignment shop recommendations. I know Goodwill is one of them. Thanks.



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