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Bible Highlights: 2 Samuel 16-18

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2 Samuel 16: 3, 4
"The king now said: 'And where is the son of your master?' At this Ziba said to the king: 'He is staying in Jerusalem, for he said, 'Today the house of Israel will give back the royal rule of my father to me.' The king then said to Ziba: Look! Everything that belongs to Mephibosheth is yours..."
At 2 Samuel 16: 3, 4 we can see how harmful slander can be. The servant lied to King David and told him that Mephibosheth was going to try to get the kingship for himself. Not only was it a complete lie, but the servant got rewarded for it. Although we can't help what other people say about us, we can live in a way that would make those lies hard to believe. And, we can make the effort to stop gossip about others when we hear it.
xoxo Kristen
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