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Myers-Briggs Personality Test

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

This is so true for me.l love people. I'm also very naive. I get hurt a lot, but I wouldn't change that part of me for anything...<3

I don't know about you, but I love taking personality tests online! Buzzfeed has tests on their site every day, and I think it is so fun to find out what they say. Those tests are silly, they usually just tell you what kind of cocktail you are. One test that I truly think everyone should take is the 
Myers Briggs Personality Test

A few years ago Blake took a leadership class at his office. One of the things they explored was their different personalities. They each took the Myers Briggs test. He even took the test 'for me' to see what I would be. Later I took it myself! He knows me very well obviously, because he got the same result!

Here is why I think you should take the test:

1. The tests help you figure out who you are.

2. It will confirm what you already know about yourself.

3. You will learn the things you do aren't crazy!

We all want to know who we are, and that we aren't alone in the world. Taking this test confirmed both of those things for me. I enjoyed the questions! I liked thinking about what I would do in certain situations, and wondering why I do things. 

The Myers Briggs test result will contain 4 letters. It will evaluate how you process information, make decisions, how you judge or perceive and if you are introverted or extroverted. 

You can take the test for free here
They will give you your results, but not a profile of your letters. Just google your letters after you take the test for a full explanation of your type.

I am an ENFJ

 ENFJ- this is almost disconcerting how accurate it is...I wonder if these are written to make everyone who reads them feel like it fits them, like horoscopes seem....hmmm.

I know a few people who also got ENFJ, and thought "uhmm I really hope I'm not like that!" But, what I learned is that although you may have the same letters, each person gets different percentages of each. For example, I am considered 'E' for extrovert-which wasn't a surprise. What did surprise me was that I was only like 10% extrovert! Someone else could be a totally different degree of extrovert. 

The whole time I was reading the profile of an ENFJ I was nodding in agreement. It was me to the 'T'. I learned that while I love being around people, I need time to recuperate afterward. Now I can make sure I am giving myself a chance to recover after a party, where as before I would just feel drained, but not know why. 

I have made everyone I know take this test, and it is so cool to see what your friends results are. I love learning about people, and understanding how I can be a better friend to them (uh, ENFJ much?) 

It is also fun to see what celebrities have your type! I have the same type as Oprah, Jennifer Lawrence and Martin Luther King Jr. 

So go take the test! 
Leave me a comment: Do you like taking personality tests? What is your type? Do you think it is accurate? 

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