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Weekend Round Up!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Being sick is the worst! I had such an 'off' week. Seriously everything I did at work during the week I messed up. The worst thing was that I knew I was so out of it, and still had to be there and try my best. I also totally failed my Fitbit challenge that I did with a few friends. When you are sick the last thing you feel like doing is exercise. I feel like such a loser! 
On the bright side I have this great raspy voice which is oh so entertaining. 

By Saturday I felt much better! I got to spend some much needed time organizing around the house! My closet looks the best it has in a long time. I finally got all the summery stuff put away, and I even got Blake to get rid of a few ties (the guy has at least 60 ties). 
I may or may not have a huge obsession with bins.

Then we got to babysit my nephew for a few hours. He is the cutest. This picture is a failed attempt at showing how good Delly is with kids! She sat right next to him the entire time. The problem is babies and dogs do not sit still long enough for a decent picture. I so admire photographers who are able to get good pictures of kids and pets. 
Also, Delly is black as night-she does not photograph well indoors.

Sunday we went out! Ugh, I haven't said that in so long-I feel like an old lady!
Dinner and a movie with a few friends! Worst blogger award in the world goes to me, as I had an adorable outfit on and I didn't get a picture.

We got to see Mockingjay-Part one. I honestly have such mixed feelings about it! Mockingjay was not my favorite book of the series, so I feel like I already had a prejudice. It is such a sad book. Partly because you don't have the entertainment value of the Hunger Games, now you are just left with their reality of a horrible government and society that they live in. I also hate that they split it into 2 movies. I know they are just milking it for every dime, but it ends so abruptly and the story really could be told in one movie. 

It will be very interesting to see how they complete the films without Phillip Seymour Hoffman. 
Also, Jennifer Lawrence is not a bad singer at all! The Hanging Tree is so catchy, I had it in my head all night.  

I love going to the movies! I can and will eat an entire tub of popcorn by myself if left unchecked. I even like the previews. 
Which by the way: the first Jurassic World preview is supposed to come out on Thursday! I loved Jurassic Park, so I'm really excited to see what they do with the new movie. 

Leave me a comment: So, what did you guys do this weekend? What movies are you looking forward to? 

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