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I'm watching: 

Arrow season 2 :))  watch the Arrow season  for free
Arrow: Season 2! Felicity is the best part of the show for me!

I'm reading:

 I don't know if an Instagram counts as 'reading' but, I am so obsessed with this account! This little girl's very talented mom makes her the most beautiful costumes to wear to Disney! We see cute outfits all the time when we go, but these are seriously amazing. 

I'm listening to: 

San Narciso- Faded Paper Figures

Also listening to Serial, the podcast. Probably along with everyone else!! 

I'm wishing for: 

I finally picked out the planner that I want for 2015. My current planner stops at Dec 31st, and I have already started planning for next year! I'm getting a little desperate for a new one.
I would love to get this Kate Spade Agenda in Ikat. So cute right?

I need to: 

Paint my nails! My goal is to keep them painted so I don't bite my nails! My aunt just bought me this mini OPI gift set. I can't wait to try my new colors, but I can't decide which to try first.

I'm looking forward to: 

Next weekend! My family is heading to the beach!! I am especially excited because we get to bring Delly. Hopefully the weather will be bearable. If not we will just all get to stay inside and watch movies, which would be great too.

I'm making: 

It has been so cold this week!! I made a big batch of Crockpot Taco Soup, and we have been eating on it for a few days.
Here is the recipe from my old recipe blog. One day I will re-post it to Pugs, Pearls & Positivity. It is a go-to recipe in our house!

Leave me a comment: What are you guys up to this week? 

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