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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It is no secret that I love organization and office supplies. Here my two great loves meet-The Daily Planner
One of my favorite things about 'back to school' was getting new school supplies. In our school district each kid got an agenda book on the first day of class. I loved flipping through every page and circling important dates. This is something I have taken with me into adulthood. I no longer write down assignments and homework, but I do write down just about everything else!
I also use Google Calendar. Blake and I try to record everything on that calendar to keep eachother aware of what is going on. But, my planner is just for me! I write down my schedule, my to-dos and things that are important to me. 

Here is how I use it:
I chose Thanksgiving week as an example. 
I use different colors to organize different activities. For example, this week my work schedule is in purple. I am not rigid on the colors-if I have to write something down really quickly, I just grab the nearest pen.
I tend to circle big events-this week is the 5k we are planning to do. 
Each day box generally contains my work schedule, my workout, dinner plans, and a place to plan blog posts. 
On the right side of the box I tend to write in that days to-do list. 

In the back of the planner are several blank pages reserved for note taking. I have turned this section into a running To-Do list! I cross each thing off and continue writing down the page. So far this year I have 5 full pages of crossed out chores. It makes you feel accomplished!
Plus, I have to write things down! My memory is not so good.
I also added a vinyl self sticking pocket to the front of my planner. This is sort of a catch-all. Its a good place for me to keep coupons (I seriously redeem every free undie from VS coupon I get!), letters or important papers. 

I found my 2014 planner in the book section of TJ Maxx. It has a lot of helpful charts and maps in the back. Target has a great selection as well. & Of course everyone loves the Lily Pulitzer Agendas!

Can you believe 2014 is almost over?! I need to shop for my 2015 planner!!

Leave me a comment: How do you stay organized? 
Do you use a paper planner, or do you use the calendar on your phone?

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