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Weekend Roundup

Sunday, September 21, 2014

What a fun weekend! On Saturday I left Blake at home with the pug, and headed for Tallahassee! As natives of Tallahassee we are naturally Seminole fans! My brother also just started FSU this year. Blake is a Gator fan, so it was so nice to be around fellow Noles. My dad scored tickets and a premo parking spot in the booster lot. (Tailgating!) 

My brother won a corn hole set in a sign contest with ESPN's College Game Day, so we got to play while we waited for the game to start. Beer, wings, and college football = a magical combination
The FSU/Clemson game is a pretty big game. Usually the winner goes on to the national championship game, and as FSU was the National Champ last year there was a lot of pressure to win. 
Side note: Jameis Winston...he is a mess. A great football player, but a mess. It must have been torture for him to sit on the sidelines and watch-because our 2nd string quarterback was struggling. The defense really won that game. 
I don't know that much about football, but I really had a good time! The crowd was so riled up. We didn't sit down the entire game. My voice was cracking at the end because of all the cheering and tomahawk chopping! And when FSU won, the roar was deafening! 
The game ended at 12:30 and I didn't go to sleep until 2. Sunday is the only day I can sleep in, and of course my body promptly wakes me up at 6 am. (Hate that) 

Who do you cheer for? 

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