The Perfect Guest Room

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I love having people in my house! When you are staying with someone else, there are things that just make your stay a little more like home. I want my guests to feel comfortable! 
Here are a few things that help make the perfect guest room:

-Layers of Linen
Everyone is different. In the summer I barely sleep with a sheet, and this morning I woke up with all the pillows on the floor. In winter, I love being all bundled up. On our guest bed we have 2 sets of pillows(one set firm, one set soft), sheets, down comforter, and a throw blanket. That way your guests have options to make them comfortable.
-Alarm Clock
-Cleaned Flat Surfaces
Your guests bring stuff with them, and it will be nice for them to have some space to empty their pockets.
-Waste Basket
-Visible Power Outlets
We all have phones that need charging! 
-Towels and Washcloths
-Hooks To Hang Towels
-Closet Space
Throw in a few extra empty hangers. 
-Snack Basket!
Many times your guests will go without something just to be nice. A basket of snacks helps you help themselves. Nothing worse than getting up for a glass of water in an unfamiliar kitchen in the dark.
I usually include things like: 
Water Bottles
Almonds or Mixed Nuts

-Wifi Password
This is such a great freebieI have it framed in our guest room with the password written in dry erase marker. 
-Extra House Key
 Give your guests a little freedom! 

Leave a comment below: How do you make your guests feel more at home? 
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