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20 Simple Tasks to Declutter and Simplify Your Life

Monday, March 20, 2023

Hi friends! Spring is always such a busy season for us. From tackling our spring cleaning checklist, putting away winter clothes, more and more social events...I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. When I feel this way, I try to get back to the basics. Focusing on what I can remove from my plate, or making something easier really helps me navigate a full calendar. I thought I'd share 30 simple tasks you can do to help you feel more in control, and to help simplify your day to day life. 

Yes, this means adding 30 more things to your endless to-do list - but trust me, accomplishing things on this list really will help you feel like you can take on everything else. 

20 SIMPLE Tasks to Simplify and Declutter

1. Hit unsubscribe on all those marketing emails you get. You can use a tool like or do it manually. 

2. Clean up your phone contacts. Combine duplicates, delete numbers you don't need, and update addresses as you go. I like to add a contact photo to each person in my phone! 

3. Go through your phone's photos. If you are like me, you have multiple shots of the same thing. Just keep the best one! Not only will this look better as your scroll through your camera roll - but it should free up some space on your phone. 

4. Purge your sock drawer. Make sure every single sock has a match! Get rid of any pairs you don't like or wouldn't want anyone to look at up close. 

5. Take some time to clean out your purse. I say empty the entire thing and only put back what you actually need. Toss old receipts, or better yet scan them into Fetch Rewards first! Fetch gives you points for any receipt scanned and you can trade in those points for gift cards! Download the app and then use code: DCHUC when you sign up for some of my free points! Put extra change in your piggy bank, discard old candy wrappers, and consider leaving out those just in case items. 

6. Assess the outside of your fridge. The outside, not the inside! Are there old invitations or junk mail hanging out under magnets? Consider taking everything off, and leaving it bare for a really refreshing minimal feel. If you are like me though, you like your fridge family calendar and few souvenir magnets! But, I promise there is most likely something up there you can toss, recycle, or replace. Parents, consider this permission to take down some sweet kiddo's drawings or art work. 

7. Open Instagram and head to your following list. Click that unfollow button on anyone you don't need to hear from! I try to come up with a limit of accounts I should follow, and do my best to keep it to that number. Any accounts that annoy you or make you feel the need to compare your own life should go. 
8. Take a look at your make up bag. Is there anything in there that is expired or super old? Any products that you just don't like? Toss, recycle, donate, or give away to a friend or family member! Take this opportunity to wipe down your palettes and mirrors. You know they are gross. 

9. Go through your pet's toy bin. Are there any toys that are just too far gone? Even if there aren't any to get rid of, this is a great time to wash the collection. 

10. Sort through your phone apps. What haven't you used? What are you using too much? I actually had to delete TikTok because I just couldn't stop myself from scrolling endlessly. Free up some space, alphabetize or sort your icons into folders, and really evaluate what you use regularly. This might be a good time to change up your wallpaper background and to wipe down the actual phone as well. 

11. It's time to declutter your spices. Check those dates and toss what's expired. Take note of what you are running low on so you can pick them up on your next grocery trip. This is how I found out I had 2 jumbo garlic powders...

12. Unlock your car and go through it! Bring a trashcan and toss any garbage. Open your glovebox and get rid of anything extra. Make sure your documents are up to date while you are in there. Remove extra change and add it to your piggy bank. Might as well wipe it down and vacuum it while you are at it!

13. Clean out your cleaning supplies! Are there any products you just don't like? (I usually ask friends or family if they can use things like this.) If you have products all around your house, would it be better to consolidate everything into one location? Refill your hand soaps. Take note of what you are running low on and add it to your grocery list. Can you get away with less products and use something meant for multiple surfaces? 

14. Test your pens! Find them all first of all. Throw away any used up ones, get rid of any you just don't like, and really consider if you need as many as you've collected over the years. 

15. Do you have any formal wear that you know you'll never wear again? Take this opportunity to say goodbye to that bridesmaid's dress without guilt. 

16. Take inventory of your medicine cabinet. I'm sure there are expired medications or ones you purchased that weren't effective. You can dispose of medicines safely with your pharmacist. 

17. Almost every household has a random bag of grocery bags stuffed under the sink. Take care of those. Do you really need to keep them? Can you keep 1 or 2? Throw the rest in your car to take the the recycle bin at the grocery store. 

18. Head over to Pinterest and take a look at your Pin boards. If you are anything like me you have boards going back a decade. I was able to delete a dozen of them, and I'm sure you can too. For the boards you'd like to keep - can you remove any pins that no longer interest you? Cleaning these boards up might inspire you to use them more effectively! And honestly, you could use a good laugh as you go through the pins you thought were the epitome of fashion in 2014.

19. Tackle your junk drawer. Everyone has one. Make it purposeful, not just a catch all. Purge anything unnecessary, sort items by type, and take care of anything hiding in there you've been putting off. 

20. Walk around your house with a donation bin. Throw anything you aren't loving into the bin or bag. Once the bag is full, take it to a donation center as soon as possible. Don't let it ride around with you in the car.  


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