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Wallpapering Our Stairs

Friday, December 23, 2022

Just wanted to share another fun house update! We had the whole house painted recently, and we decided to take advantage of taking everything down. If you are going to go through all the effort of putting things back up, you may as well fix old issues along the way. One of those issues was our gallery wall. It was neatly (and meticulously) measured out before, but we didn't love the angle of all the photos - so since we had to re-hang them, we fixed the decent of the frames and love the outcome.

Additionally, since we were just painting everything bright white, I wanted to add something fun to the area. I found some pretty cool stair riser wallpaper strips on Amazon and we love how they look. 10/10 on the look, but these were an absolute nightmare to install. Don't zoom in too closely, or you'll see all the imperfections. Regardless, we love the look and hopefully these removable strips stay up for a decent amount of time. I really think it would have been easier just to make a stencil and paint the risers, but lesson learned. 

Just a reminder of the space 'before'...


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