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Cliffs of Moher Photo Diary

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Because we didn't want to rent a car while we were in Ireland, we were so happy to find a bus tour that would take us outside of Dublin! This is the tour we chose, and we all highly recommend it. (Plus there is cash back if you use Rakuten!) The tour was all day. It took us to the Cliffs of Moher, a pub for lunch, a really neat seaside stop that has some unique rocks, and then into Galway - and of course back to Dublin. 

We enjoyed this tour so much, for a few reasons. Since this was our first day, it was great to be able to cat nap on the bus in between stops. I think that really helped us adjust to the time difference! Our driver was so interesting, and the bus was comfy. We happened to be visiting the Cliffs on the rainiest and windiest day possible - so you'll have a laugh at some of these pictures!  Mostly, we just enjoyed the ride! Ireland is so scenic and we got to see so much just looking out the bus window. 


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