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Blake's Favorite Things | Gift Ideas for Guys!

Monday, May 10, 2021

When buying gifts, I find it's so much easier to come up with ideas for women than men! In fact, when it comes to buying presents for my husband Blake, I end up stalking his Amazon wishlist. The guy is super particular, and knows what he likes and does not like. When I asked him what his favorite thing was, he said his phone. So, that's what I'm working with. 😂 I've compiled a list of some of his favorite things that might help you out if you are looking for a gift for a special guy in your life. 

Gift Ideas for Guys!

This is a gift you can get for literally any guy on your list! Especially those hard to buy for dads. This tool is SO functional and great quality. We take it with us all the time, and it comes in handy more times than I can say. Plus, it's got a little clip on case so you can easily hook it onto your belt. (See photo above!)

Back in the olden times when we were traveling more often, this bag was great! It's spacious enough for a long weekend, but not bulky. We usually take our rolling suitcases when flying, but we use our weekend bags most often for car trips. This could also be a larger gym bag. Blake has the gray canvas color.

If you are looking for a gift for someone who love tech and likes to stay active, this is it! Fitbits have come so far and this one in particular looks really modern. Blake loves his, especially when we upgraded the band to a leather strap. 

We received a set of these short tumbler glasses for our anniversary last year, and I swear we have used them just about every day since! Blake loves both whiskey and bourbon, and these are the perfect glasses for that. He especially likes to use a spherical ice mold. We actually have a Star Wars ice mold! So fun right?! Pair these glasses with a bottle of his favorite drink and you got yourself a gift. 

Another great option for just about any guy! This fleece is SO warm. (I have the women's version!) Blake loves his navy blue one. It's casual enough to wear out hiking, but also looks really nice with khakis to wear at the office. 

Are fancy socks necessary? Nope! But these sure are great. Blake has more than half a dozen of these socks and counting. There are cushioned versions that are great for running, and the low cushion ones are great for everyday wear. I'm constantly 'borrowing' his pairs even though I have several of my own. He just has colors I don't have, haha. 

A grill is truly a gift that will just keep giving back! We bought this flat top grill right before a hurricane a few years ago just in case we needed to cook outside. At least, that was the excuse we told ourselves! It's been fantastic. Love the flat top style. It's easy to cook for a million people on, and we really love doing diced veggies on it too. 10/10! 

I think we have 4 or so different Soundcore products. They are great! Blake loves his wireless earbuds. They come in a little case that charges them. I have a different style as I can never get ear buds to stay in my ear when exercising. We also have a Soundcore sound bar that is stellar. Bonus points for how affordable this brand is!

The fact that you can get 100 refill blades for less than $10 is all I need to hear. This handle is so sophisticated and masculine. And if you have to shave, you might as well do it in style right? Pair this razor with a set of shaving cream or other shower products and you've got an amazing gift that they probably wouldn't get for themselves. 

Admittedly, I bought this as a gift for Blake after getting an Instagram ad! They really got me, because the sample monogram: JRW are Blake's dad's initials and almost Blake's. (He goes by his middle name!) I might not have clicked if it didn't have those initials. Ended up being an amazing buy! The strap is gorgeous and just gets better with age. 

TMI? Probably, but my husband is obsessed with this underwear. I'll take his word for it, but it's apparently incredibly comfortable. The pictures should tell you all you need to know. 

Craft beer is more and more popular, but since we live in a small town it's somewhat of an event to visit a brewery. We love meeting friends for a beer, and it's even more fun when we can bring home a growler from our favorite breweries. The U Keg is amazing for keeping that beer super fresh and carbonated. We also did homemade ginger ale in this keg when our Instacart shopper brought us an entire pound of ginger when we asked for one piece. 

Don't forget to use Rakuten when shopping online for cashback! I always get my earnings right before our anniversary, and it's so fun to use 'free' money to buy Blake's gifts with! When I was linking several items for this post my Rakuten browser extension was lighting up with cash back alerts! If you use my link to sign up for Rakuten you get $25! 

Leave a comment below and tell me what your husband (or guy in your life) says is his favorite thing is! I could not stop laughing when Blake said it was his phone. I mean it is really nice...just an unexpected answer! Do you have a hard time shopping for guys? What's your go to gift for your dad or grandpa?


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