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Checking In!

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Gah, didn't mean to take like an entire month off of blogging, but here we are! Just wanted to pop in to say hi and that I'm still around! 

This past month I've been doing a little resting and reprioritizing. But, also a whole lot of nothing. Which is a good thing! Sometimes there is beauty in the mundane. 

I'm calling this our official family portrait. 😂  Can you spot Delly?

A couple of things:

- We are vaccinated! Woohoo! We were able to get ours a little early by being on a 'waste dose' list at a local pharmacy, but right after we got our dose Florida opened up vaccines to everyone over 18. The relief was so exciting! We were able to book a few trips for later in the year (short, safe trips) and it felt so strange to have something on the calendar.

- Trying to lose that quarantine 15! It's more like 10 pounds, but I'm working on it! Honestly, it's so strange to me that I feel really comfortable with how I look (more than ever actually!). But, like all my clothes are snug, so that was my signal. We are doing Beachbody's 30 Day Breakaway running program and it's been a fun way to change things up!

- Got really into that workout program just to get sick. I haven't been sick in well over a year just because of our more isolated life. But, it was so funny to come down with something and not immediately freak out that it was COVID. Nope just RSV that I got from my nephews coughing in my face as they wrestled me to the ground. #AuntieLife 

- I sort of started a new role at work. If I haven't gone into detail before: I work with my family! We have a Real Estate Brokerage and Appraisal firm. Mostly I do in-office stuff: like scheduling, researching and basically anything I can do to help. (My very favorite thing is taking pictures of our new listings and doing all the social media stuff for that.) But, recently I started going in the field more and helping on inspections. It's SO interesting and I absolutely LOVE going inside peoples houses. It's truly fascinating how people live. And the real estate market is on fire, so it's been all hands on deck. 

- Still figuring out our life, haha. After selling our house last fall happened so fast, I really thought we'd be launched into the next phase quickly, but we are still figuring out our next steps and what we actually want. Coupling that with what is actually feasible...all we can do is pray about it and try to stay open minded! This girl needs a plan though!

- Read a zillion books since my last post. I have a Recent Reads coming your way! 

- I thought about doing a weekly diary post, and realized I've taken exactly 5 pictures this month. I told you we've been doing a whole lot of nothing interesting. Truthfully, I have a lot more pictures on my phone for Etsy! That is something I have been working on. Hoping to add a bunch more listings and designs going in the next few weeks! 

Leave me a comment below and tell me how your spring is going! If you are vaccinated how did you do with it? I couldn't believe how sore my arm was!!


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