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What's In My Purse

Monday, February 1, 2021

There were a few weeks in 2020 when I didn't even need a purse, because we weren't going anywhere! 
I got a 'new' bag last fall, one that I had my eye on for a long time. And now that we are out and about a bit more, I realized how happy I am with this purchase. 

Fossil has always been a favorite brand of mine. This style of bag is perfect for me because of the crossbody strap, and all the pockets. Plus the mix of brown and black means it matches just about everything! 

I found a gently used one on Mercari, and loved it SO much that I got the tote bag in the same pattern from Fossil on their black Friday sale. 

(Here's $10 towards your first order on Mercari! This link also gives you $20 when you make your first $100 selling your old items!) 

Here's What's in My Bag:

Wallet | This was a gift! My sister in law got me this a few years ago and it still looks brand new. It's one of those things I probably wouldn't have picked for myself, but I'm so happy with it. I really like the slim design and the pink color is one of my favorites right now.

Kindle | If you've been around here for any length of time, you know I love to read! Audiobooks are my main source of reading, but I still love to read on my Kindle. Yes, I know there are some die hard real book people out there, and I get it. But I also love how light weight my Kindle is and how easy it is to get free books through the library.

Cosmetic Bag | This was sent to me to review, and I love it so much I would buy it ten times over. Again, this pink/rose color speaks to me. But, not just that, it's perfect for holding all those random cosmetics and bobby pins. I keeps everything in my bag looking orderly!

Sunglasses | I don't need to say much about these other than I rarely leave home without them! #Florida

Hand Lotion | I don't think Grove makes this exact lotion anymore, but they have something similar. It's the perfect size for my handbag, and I use it all the time in the winter. 

Hand Sanitizer | This lived in my purse before the pandemic, but I have gone through several bottles in the past year! Grove has the best hand sanitizer. It does not stink of alcohol, which is important to me! 

Lip Glosses | I have a couple in my bag for some reason! I love this Revlon lip plumping one, because it's such a great everyday color. I also keep a Lip Whip in my bag, because it's slightly glossy but more like a balm. And, of course traditional chap stick.

Stain Stick | So, you know those Tide To Go sticks? They work great, but the smell has always reminded me of vomit! I can't stand it. So, I was thrilled when Grove came out with their version. Interestingly it's in a glass bottle and comes with a reusable tip.

Lens Wipes | With all of the tech we have, I can't say enough good things about these Erin Condren lens wipes! I think I threw them in my cart to get up to the free shipping minimum one time, but I'm so glad I did! They work so well and are always handy.

Ibuprofen | Because headaches. I just feel like it's the worst thing in the world to have a headache and nothing to take. I am personally not a pill popper, so I try to stick with some basic, low dose ibuprofen. Fun fact, I am super allergic to Advil! It's weird, several of us in my immediate family do not do well with most medications.

Essential Oil Rollers | I love my peppermint and Chill Pill rollers! I use them all the time, and I'm happy to have them in my bag, ready to go. Sometimes I feel like I need to bathe in Chill Pill.


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