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Current Home Workout Routine | DIY Yoga Mat Spray Recipe

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

21 Day Fix |

I've been a home workout enthusiast for years now! Maybe it's because I'm pretty self motivated, but I actually prefer it over the gym. I know a lot of people are working out from home right now, even if it's against their choice. Here is a peak into my current home workout:

BeachBody on Demand
I cannot get enough of this subscription. There are dozens, maybe even hundreds, of workout videos to choose from with BOD. It's $100 for the year, but there is a free trial to see if you like it. TurboFire is one of my all time favorite workouts, but right now I'm doing the 21 Day Fix program. (Just the workout, not the diet.)

21 Day Fix has several workouts available on BOD. There's the original program, and extreme version, and then a live version. I really like that they are 30 minutes long, and alternate which part of the body you are working on. They are challenging, but not daunting! I average about 100-150 calories per 30 mins. I'm shocked at how sore I get after these workouts! They work. 

21 Day Fix |

21 Day Fix |

21 Day Fix |

The necessary equipment is also minimal, which is great for a living room workout. I store my yoga mat, free weights, resistance bands and foam roller in our ottoman. We also own a set of SelectTech style weights that we keep in another room if I need something heavier. Most of the exercises in 21 Day Fix last for 1 minute, so lighter is generally best. 

Post Workout Treat
If you are missing your gym, and want to make your home workout feel a bit fancier, you need to do this! I put a wet washcloth in our fridge and top it with a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil. It's so refreshing to wipe down with after an intense workout! Now that it's summer here, I can't wait to do this after a run. 

21 Day Fix |

The Right Accessories
Fortunately, working out in my living room means I don't really care about my outfit. Typically, I'm wearing Nike shorts and one of my Fabletics Sports Bras. One thing that has made a huge difference are Teleties! I have very thick hair, and jumping around makes it very annoying. These hair ties hold my hair so well and they look cute on the wrist. 

21 Day Fix |

DIY Yoga Mat Spray
These 21 Day Fix workouts having me sweating! Especially the ab videos. Rolling up a sweaty mat and then stuffing it in our ottoman is a recipe for stench. I have a little spray bottle with a DIY cleaner and it makes all the difference. 

Here's the recipe:
This is for a 2 ounce bottle:
1 oz witch hazel
20 drops essential oil (I like lavender or peppermint, but anything works!)
Top the rest with water!

This is the bottle I use, and the decal is from my Etsy shop. 

The Buddy System
Historically, I do much better with working out when I have a buddy. Accountability matters! I'm doing this program with a friend, even though she is a little ahead of me with the schedule. I'm also doing a push up challenge with a group of friends on Instagram! We all send a message when we've done our push ups for the day. We are all in this together!

Walks and Runs
As much as I love these workout videos, I'm not gaining many steps on my Fitbit with them. To get steps, and some fresh air, walks have been essential. I love walking with Blake especially because it's great quality time. Running is still a passion of mine since my half marathon, although I'm not following a schedule anymore. It's still great to work a run or two into the week though! (I'm not running nearly as far as when I was training.)

Leave a comment below and tell me how your home workouts are going! Are you winging it, or following a program? What helps you stay motivated?

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