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Affordable Fitness Clothing Haul

Monday, August 26, 2019

While I'm still primarily focusing on eating well, I have been able to incorporate a bit of exercise into my routine again. Mainly running, which I used to be really into. It's hard starting over, but I've enjoyed it, especially because my sister usually joins me and that's been fun. Historically, I've always done better with workout partners!

I am a firm believer in "fake it till you make it" and that having a new outfit can be motivating. There are several workout clothes in my wardrobe that I really love, but I felt like I was wearing them all the time and needing to do laundry more frequently. Time to do a little shopping! 

I ended up with 3 new pairs of leggings, 4 tank tops, a new sports bra, and a pullover sweater. 

Some affiliate links are present!

Joy Lab Fleece Sweater (in deep olive green) and Amazon Leggings (in white)
I really love how comfortable these leggings from Amazon are. I sized up, because I don't like my circulation being cut off in these compression clothes. These leggings do not pass the stretch test, so I would not wear them for activity that involved squatting. They have a cell phone pocket, which is a great feature. These are high-waisted, and hit me right at the belly button.

This sweater was actually in the clearance section at Target, so I was really happy that I scored the discount, because it's regularly priced on It's very cozy and the perfect layering piece that will be easy to take on and off as necessary. Olive green is a go-to color of mine, so I'm not surprised I spotted this on the rack. 

Joy Lab Black Full Length Leggings and Champion Tanks (dark blue and berry)
Unlike probably every woman in America, I did not own a pair of plain black leggings! Definitely needed to add that staple to my wardrobe. These are great, thick leggings that are not see through when stretched. A great basic. 

These tanks are my favorite! I already owned 2 in different colors. They are very comfortable, which is crucial. I love that are long and will hide your butt, but I also love knotting them in the front. The fabric knots easily and doesn't slip. 

Champion Training Leggings (blue/gray) and Champion Reflective Tank (grey) 
This will be the ultimate end of summer running outfit! These leggings are so opaque, yet so breathable. They also have a cell phone pocket, which seems to be standard now. I wish the color would show up in these photos, but it's a very pretty green blue with a fun pattern of holes. 

This tank top is also a fantastic material, and I just noticed is calling it a running tank-so it's perfect.

Champion Tank (in orchid)
I'm so drawn to the color of this tank top! It's a lovely lilac purple. This one is very flowy and I prefer how it looks knotted. It's pretty obvious I'm drawn to high neck tank tops, isn't it?

It makes me excited to have new clothes to work out in! I know that finding a balance between physical activity and eating well is the way to the body I'm working on, so anything that motivates that balance is a good thing in my opinion. 

WW is going really well for me! I like the program a lot and can see myself following it long term. I have lost a few more pounds this month, which I was not expecting. I was up 1 or 2 after we got back from Europe, but I quickly lost that and then some. Between going on a long vacation and having surgery I really had just hoped to stay the same - so losing was unexpected. 

This program is definitely a slow way to lose weight, but I think that is a positive. It's sustainable. I think it would go a bit faster, however, if I do try to work in exercise as well. I'm not currently able to dedicate the time I used to, but for now I'm super happy with getting a good sweat on once or twice a week. (In addition to having active days.) 

If you want to give WW a try, I have a referral link that gets you 1 month free!

Leave a comment below and let me know if you think having a new outfit is motivating! Where is your favorite place for affordable workout gear?

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