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October Recap and November Goals

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

October Report
I didn't set any extra goals for October, because I knew we were going to be having a whirlwind month. I'm glad that I didn't put that extra pressure on myself. Instead, I focused on keeping up with the house and work between traveling every weekend. We had an amazing month, even though it was a little extreme on the travel side of things. Traveling every weekend was actually pretty fun, and I even found myself a little bored back at home! I know I couldn't live like that full time, I like my routine too much!

Even with everything going on we still managed to have some new friends over for dinner, get to the dentist for our biannual cleanings, deal with a hurricane (too close to home!) and get through a terrible cold! Being on the beach with a cold is just not what I hoped for. It was still great, but not ideal. Oh! And I've been heading up our 'work-from-home initiative' at work! I'm officially working from home for half of my work days, and I've gotten everyone else set up to do it too. It was a huge undertaking. We literally have hundreds of thousands of files that still need to be uploaded to the cloud. 

Because I only managed to blog about one of our trips, here are a few photos from the month: 

The first weekend in October we spent at Disney with Blake's parents and sister. His parent's celebrated 40 years this year, and we wanted to do a trip together. It was so good to be back at Disney! We enjoyed a day at the pool and then a day in EPCOT. We felt really rusty. When we arrived Friday night we headed right to Hollywood Studios to check out the new Toy Story land. It's precious! We stayed for the fireworks, which were just okay. The real show were these very entertaining kids who wanted to play with my niece Gia's bubble maker. It's just a fact that kids go through this really awkward time when they aren't little anymore and they just become really weird. 

The Food and Wine festival means lots of fun things to try! I snapped this picture before the heavens opened up and the rain started pouring! We ran into the French perfume store for shelter. #Florida.

My nephew Zane was diagnosed with Autism this summer. He rarely looks right into the camera so I was stoked to get this cute shot of him! He is just the smartest little boy. I can't wait to have conversations with him!

The following weekend we spent in West Palm! We attended a class on Saturday morning and then relaxed the rest of the weekend! It was heaven. We usually stay at this resort with family, so it was a little weird to be just the two of us. I also mentioned that I had come down with a cold this trip. I didn't let it stop me from enjoying my first trip to the beach ALL YEAR! 

One thing I love about this place is that there are full kitchens. After a day at the beach, we cooked some yummy meals together and then ate out on our balcony. Followed by a walk down the beach. Basically my perfect day. 

On our way home we made a pit stop at Animal Kingdom! We hadn't seen the new Pandora section yet, and we really wanted to check it out. My cousin/bff was also there with her family so it was really cool to see them as well. Pandora did not disappoint! It's very cool. Flight of Passage is hands down the best ride at WDW. It's exhilarating and really well done. We didn't have time to wait for the other ride, so we hope to do that next time. 

The weekend after our Amelia Island trip, we spent in Jacksonville for a three day class for the volunteer construction work we do. It was so much fun and we learned a lot. Lots of work next year with that for us, but it's good fulfilling work. Plus now I can teach fall protection safety! 

Thanks for sticking it out! I'm actually really glad I decided to recap everything here. It's been so hectic, but I do want to remember it all! Blogging is a really fun way to scrapbook. On to November! 

November Goals
Finish office refresh. With so much time spent in our home office lately, we knew we were going to have to make some adjustments. My first thought was that we should switch our guest room for our office, but we ultimately decided to do some reconfiguring and get an additional desk. We've already started this, and there are just a few things left to tidy up!

Post office refresh on the blog. I've already shared a full home tour here, but I want to make sure to update those posts when we change things up! I'm making this a goal because staging a room for photos is a little time consuming, and since we actually use our home office everyday it's going to be a task. 

Share Formulate results! I talked about my partnership with Formulate in July when they launched, and I've been using my own custom formulation of shampoo and conditioner! My plan is to share my thoughts on this product this month. Sponsored posts or posts partnering with brands take longer than you may think!

Switch closet for next season. We have had some cooler days lately, and I think it's safe to start switching out my closet. It's a little tricky because it doesn't get really cold here until January, but I also don't really need my tank tops out either. Also tricky because we are going on a cruise at the end of this month and I will need my bathing suits! I love changing out my closet because it's a good time to really assess what I really wear and declutter! 

Successfully film our cruise. Last year Blake and I made a vlog style video from our beach vacation, and I LOVE watching it. Everytime I see it I smile the whole time. Especially seeing the kids and how big they've gotten since. Video is truly a window into the way things were. I just love it. My sister asked if we could do another one when we go on our cruise this month. So, my goal is to successful get as much footage as possible! I'm not sure if we will actually be able to crank out the video by the end of the month, but that would be icing on the cake. 

Happy November everyone! I so appreciate you keeping up with me. It's hard to document things when you are busy, but I know I love reading about what everyone else is up to. Leave a comment below if you think you could travel all the time and never get sick of it. How was your October? Have you ever been sick on a vacation? Tell me what your goals are for November! (and let me know if you watched that GIF over and over, haha!)


  1. You guys were SO busy in October. It's still so strange to me that you can just pop into a Disney park to check stuff out. Like, when I go to Disney it's a long trip and a whirlwind to get everything done and we do it all in a few days. Lol. Yay Ohio life.
    My goddaughter was just diagnosed with Autism this fall. She's 3. While no parent or family member ever wants to receive a diagnosis for anything, I'm so glad that they're able to formulate a plan for preschool and help her to get the most out of this world without feeling overwhelmed!
    Your beach vaca looks awesome! Good luck with your Nov. goals! And kids are so so weird. HA.

  2. What a great October for you! Travel can be a lot but when you're making great memories it makes up for it. Your nephew is so cute and I love that you got that pic! I've heard the new Pandora is really good. Hoping we can make it back to Disney soon!

  3. Your construction volunteering is so impressive - do they teach you some skills or do you have to know what you are doing in advance? You look so happy to be helping others! I have no idea what the Pandora section is - Disney sounds like a country of its own these days and I don't think I have any conception of the scale these days. Looking forward to seeing your office revamp pics! Joanne x



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