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September Goals

Friday, August 31, 2018

September Goals // Pugs & Pearls Blog

August Report
Drink More Water. Over all, I did accomplish this. I'm still not getting my full 8 glasses a day, but I have significantly increased how much I was drinking. I found out that my corkcicle cup is just less than 3 full glasses, so that really helped me physcologically. If I refill it once, I'm getting 6 cups of water fairly easily. 

I also bought these cute little hydration stickers for my planner to help encourage the habit. So, all in all, still working on this one, but I'm definitely more conscious of it. 

Personalized Corkcicles // Pugs & Pearls Blog

Make DIY Laundry Detergent. Done and done! I shared the recipe a few weeks ago if you'd like to give it a go. It works great, and I can't believe how long these batches last. 

Trim Hedges. I'm so excited to say that we have definitely made progress on our landscaping! Blake and I cut down the most out of control section of our hedges. I cannot believe the light that is coming into our living room and kitchen now that they are gone! We've got a professional lined up to help us take out the stumps and the remaining hedges. Plus he is going to trim up our 2 oak trees. The ultimate goal is to have a very minimalistic yard that is easier to care for but still looks nice. 

Here is a progress picture:

Since then we've pressure washed and cleaned this area up quite a bit. I will share an 'after' picture once we get everything taken out permanently and sod gets put down where the bushes are. 

Finish All The Light We Cannot See. Finally! Yes! I finished this book. I shared my review in this post. Spoiler alert, didn't love it. I've been doing so much more reading thanks to the Overdrive app, so you will be seeing a lot more book reviews here. 

Add Additional Day of Exercise. My first fail. I didn't manage to do this. I've got a solid 2 days of intense Orange Theory workouts each week, but I would really like to have an additional day of exercise in there. I'm going to roll this goal over! 

September Goals
Add Additional Day of Exercise. I have seen such an improvement since starting Orange Theory. I can run so much faster and I really do feel stronger. I know adding in one more harder workout each week would help me so much with my fitness goals. 

Use Myfitnesspal Consistently. Last month I started using Myfitnesspal again, and I think it's making a big difference! My goal is to write down everything I'm eating into my log every single day in September. I think this will also motivate me to exercise because it is really hard to stay under my calorie goal without having extra exercise calories to use. 

Have Someone Over. We had a really good thing going in 2017 and early 2018 where we were having someone new over each month. We love doing this because there is just something so intimate about having people into your home and sharing a meal with them. I think it can take you from acquaintances to real friends! This habit kinda fizzled early in the summer because things got a little hectic. And, it's easier to invite your close friends over all the time. Making it a priority again this month and inviting someone new over! 

Save a Certain Amount of Money. I'm calling September our new fiscal year! I have in mind a certain dollar amount I'd like to save this month. While I've been talking about budgeting a lot here lately, I'm still a bit wary about sharing specifics. Accountability being what it is though, I want to share that I have this goal. 

Do 1 Social Media Free Weekend This Month. I've talked a little bit about how I want to quit checking my phone so much in this post. To work towards that I want to dedicate one weekend this month to being just a bit more in the moment and not check social media for the whole weekend. I have not chosen the weekend yet, but I will let you know how it goes!

Happy September everyone! Make sure you leave a comment below with your goals for this month and let me know how your August went!

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  1. I love all of your goals for this month! You got this!

  2. I love Overdrive and I agree with you on All The Light We Cannot See. It was good, but I thought it would be a lot better for all the hype...
    Have a great weekend! xAllie

    1. Exactly! I wish I had used Overdrive sooner! I'm getting more reading done than ever.

  3. thanks for sharing these updates with us! I like the water goal, I need to do that one!

  4. You did great with your goals and I love your new ones. Such a fun idea to have someone new over every month. I also love the idea of social media free weekend. I've done it before and it is refreshing. I at least try to only check mine on the weekends after the boys go to bed which has been nice. I hope you have a great weekend! Sierra Beautifully Candid

    1. I'd love to hear your tips on social media free weekend! I think that just checking at night would be a great habit to get into as well. Thanks Sierra!

  5. How do you go about inviting acquaintances over for dinner? I'm very curious. My husband is SUPER private so I'm sure he'd never go for it. But I'm intrigued!
    Way to go with your August goals!!

    1. Great question Audrey!! I have 2 suggestions. One is to include some people you both know, like a buffer! Also, we try to center it around an activity, like a movie or game night. I highly suggest taco night too. It's easy and everyone can make their plate like they like it.
      I can really relate to being private. I have always felt that our home is a sanctuary and inviting people over into that space is hard! Both my husband and I need time to introvert afterwards, but we are always glad that we did it!
      And it may feel weird to ask someone out of the blue to come over, but trust me it's huge compliment to be thought of and almost everyone will be excited!

  6. The Social Media free weekend - what a great idea! I need to look into that too...!


  7. Brilliant set of balanced goals! I am interested to see how you approach the inviting someone new over goal - start with closer friends and work out? My Uncle once had a tramp to stay over the weekend but that's a rather extreme option haha! Ooh a social media free weekend. I only got my phone in Feb but I'm not sure I could do that now - even after going 3 years without it! Props for you tackling your own hedge trimming - I hope you wear some goggles (sorry sounding like your Mum / older sister - I prefer 'older sister') - my dad recently cut his eye badly cutting hedges - take care! The water goal is always a great one - your skin will thank you for it when you are my age! I am pretty convinced health in general is routed in enough water, if that makes sense. Diet Coke, although gorgeous is awful for making you basically shrivel up. Ok, I better stop my 'essay' here ;) You might just spur me on this month to do my own goal list #itscaresme. J xx



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