August Goals

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July Report
Choose a new Bible reading schedule and start it. Check! I decided on a chronological schedule. I think this will be really cool, especially when I get to reading about David's activities, and then flipping over to the Psalms where he writes his feelings about those different situations. 

I am using this schedule, but tailored it to me. That schedule is meant to be done in a year, which is not something I'm planning on doing. In the past when I tried to read the Bible in a year, I was flying through things just to get it done. I wrote down a copy of the order in the back of my planner and I'm highlighting them as I go. 

Run 25 miles this month. Check! I think. I did a bad job of recording this, but I'm fairly confident I did it. This was the first month I've done Orangetheory and there is a ton of running in those classes as well, so I think I'm covered.

Sell bag of gently used clothing. Working on it! I took a large box of clothing to Sandy's in Gainesville-which is my favorite consignment shop! They took pretty much everything. I listed the rest of the clothes on Poshmark, and I gave some things away. You can check out my closet here, and if you are a new member you can use my invite code: KESWOOLSEY to get a $5 coupon to use. Be careful! Poshmark is addictive. 

Start recording gratitude list. Check! I love this so much, and I'm so glad I started doing it. I just write a few words or a short sentence about something good that happened that day or something I'm feeling particularly grateful for.

Call Mindy. Check! I spent a solid two hours on the phone with her earlier in the month. I ended up calling her on my way home and she was at a cleaning job so I talked to her on speaker phone. She had to mute the phone while she vacuumed, but I kept talking, haha. That's exactly what I meant about being busy-we had to literally make it happen! But it was such a refreshing conversation and we always end up building each other up. Friendships in different time zones are so hard! I miss her so much. 

Not a bad July! I really loved sharing these goals because it made me feel like I really had to get this list done. 

August Goals
Drink More Water. The amount of water I actually drink is probably shameful. I do drink a lot of unsweetened tea, which makes me feel like at least I'm hydrating a little bit. My goal for this month is just to increase my daily water intake. I doubt it'll be my full 8 glasses, but I have got to improve on this! One way I plan on doing this is by only ordering water at restaurants. 

Make DIY Laundry Detergent. I've been working on our budget a lot in the last month, and I'm looking for ways to cut back here and there. I used to faithfully make our own laundry detergent, but I got out of the habit. It worked well, and it lasted for well over a year! I'm currently using up the last of my Method detergent-which is about $12.99 with my Grove shipment. Making my own detergent will save us well over $100 a year. Look for the recipe coming soon!

Trim Bushes. Our yard is currently a jungle. Not only are we having to cut the grass every week right now, but our hedges are growing at an astonishing rate! I've got a request in with a friend of ours to have them removed permanently, but he has a lot of work. In the meantime, our hedge trimmer motor broke-and we have been having an interesting time with the warranty. Somehow someway, I'm going to get those things taken care of this month. 

Finish All The Light We Cannot See. Have you ever read a book that everyone else liked, but you just cannot get into? That's me with All The Light We Cannot See. I started it right after The Nightingale, so I thought it was just too heavy of a book after that. I put it down for a while, and then tried to get into it again. It's not working. But, it kills me to have paid for a book that I didn't give my all and finish. I am determined to get this book read in August! (Follow me on Goodreads!)

Add An Additional Day of Exercise. I'm loving Orangetheory right now! My membership has me at 2 classes per week, and I would really like to add an additional day of something else besides running. (It's just too hot to run. The Florida humidity will slow you down like no other.) 

Leave a comment below with what you are going to work on in August! How'd you do with your goals in July? Let me know if you have any good tips for drinking more water! I'd also love to know how often you give up on a book, or if you make yourself finish it.
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