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Wifi Password Printable
This printable just went up in my Etsy shop! I've had this sign in my living room for a little while now, and I still love looking at it! It works great in a frame with a wet erase chalk marker. Perfect for a guest room too!

Now Nature's Shield Essential Oil
This is Now's version of Thieves, which is an excellent oil blend for boosting immunity! Lots of people use it to clean and ward off sickness. I have actually had 2 bad reactions to Thieves - so even though I had been wanting to add it into cleaning products but I was afraid. 

Recently, I went into our local health food store, and the clerk was diffusing this blend and it smelled SO good. I walked around the store for a long time and never felt any of my previous symptoms. (Twice in the past my throat started closing up around Thieves.) It's a blend, so it may just be that other brands are stronger or have more of whatever ingredient I had a reaction to. (My suspicion is clove.) 

Anyway, loving this! It smells great and I can't wait to add into DIY cleaning products

Faux Philodendron
We visited a friend in St Augustine a few months ago, and she had the most gorgeous table arrangement of philodendron leaves. They were from her yard, and she said they would last for a really long time in a vase. I was so inspired! The look was so Florida. Well, I don't have any of these in my yard, so I went with a fake one.

It was a risk because there weren't any reviews on Amazon for it, but it's perfect. Super realistic looking, and it's going to last forever! (When I bought it, it was $10 cheaper.)

Perfect Baby Shower Gift
I 100% believe in registries, but I couldn't pass up this Honest Co gift set. (Link is for all of their gift sets, I got the $39.99 one) It's a GREAT price, and I think it's the perfect gift for a shower. Inside are full size products and a bunch of diapers. The crate it comes it is reusable too. So much so that I didn't have to wrap it, I just stuck a gift label on it. I really think I will grab one of these for every shower in the future! 

It seems to sell out very quickly, but if you put it in your cart or wish list you will get a notification when it's restocked. Scoop it up quickly! 

Personalized Note Cards
I go through SO many note cards. I love Rifle Paper Company note cards the most, but my recent favorites have been from Erin Condren! The paper quality is awesome, and customizing the prints and your name is really cool. 

In fact, instead of monogramming my name on one set I had them inscribed with Happy Anniversary! Which is one of the main occasions I send out cards. I could never find a pack of anniversary cards before-usually just the single cards in the Hallmark section. This is the PERFECT solution for that. Love them!! 

For a $10 EC gift certificate, create an account with my link!

Chill Pill Roll On
Again, while in our health food store, I saw this essential oil roll on called Chill Pill. I had a DIY version of a calming roller, but the roller ball leaked a lot so I never felt comfortable taking it with me. This was so inexpensive, and it contains a few oils I don't have-so I thought I'd try it out. 

I love it. I find it so grounding to use, and that is perfect for so many occasions! I get anxious more than I care to admit, and this helps take the edge off. It smells mostly of lavender, but a bit minty too. 

I also picked up this waterless car diffuser, which I love as well! It's such a nice way to have a scent in your car that doesn't smell like chemicals. 

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