May Highlights

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I shared a few things that have been going on around our house in the Just 5 Things post earlier in the month, but as I was scrolling through my camera roll I saw that I had a lot more to share! Maybe this will end up being a monthly tradition.

Auntie Life
A highlight of my life is certainly being an Aunt to these crazy kids! I got to spend a lot of time this month with Carter, since he was going a little stir crazy with his new baby brother in the house. I think my sister needed a break too. He turned 4 this month and my goodness is he at a fun age! 

We joke that he only likes to come over to our house to play with the pugs and Blake's Star Wars stuff! His Uncle Blake bought a new Star Wars lego set for them to build together. It's probably too advanced for him right now, but they will try anyway. 

Plenty of baby Lennox snuggles too!

This picture cracks me up! I had Zane (Blake's sister's son) over one day too, and he made quite the hammock between the couch and ottoman. He was perfectly content there for a long time, but as soon as I took out my phone to take the picture he slipped! (LOVING our new ottoman, by the way!)

Pug Life
I haven't been great about posting pug pictures on the @dellyandfriends Instagram account this month, but that doesn't mean I didn't take a ton of pug pictures! The pugs are doing just fine, with nothing new to report. They are so snuggly lately I just love it. 

Tea Party
Some friends from the congregation threw a little tea party for all the ladies! It was blazing hot, so it was more like a Iced Tea Party. We had so much fun getting together for no reason! Some of the girls really went all out and made their own fascinators! 

My niece Gia!

I actually found my Hello Sunshine hat at Walmart! It's adorable and less than $10. Can't wait to wear it to the beach this summer! 

Fruits of My Labor
My garden really started producing this month! There are tons of tomatoes every day, and I also have a bunch of great bell pepper plants that are loaded. We also harvested all of my lettuce, which has lasted SO long. I just used the last of it. I love fresh salsa and salads in the summer! 


I am also SO excited about the bloom above! I planted that Lily of the Nile plant 7 years ago, and it finally bloomed! It's the little things in life, ya know?

Monthly Favorites
Favorite Song: 
Really the entire Greatest Showman soundtrack! I actually went on a run and played this soundtrack, and it may have been the most fun I've ever had! I felt like I was in a parade.

Favorite Show:
Was anyone else obsessed with Planet Earth when it came out in 2006? My family loved it! I was so excited to see season 2 pop up on Netflix. We've been watching it on our 4k TV and I just can't believe how gorgeous the picture is! We aren't finished with the season yet, but it's just as fascinating as the original. The first episode with the lizards and the snakes....holy moly that got my heart racing. 

Favorite Diffuser Blend:
I picked up a rosemary essential oil this month, and I have loved diffusing it. The combo below is AMAZING. Super fresh and spa like.

Favorite Recipe:
Blake and I ended up with a surplus of pineapple, and we decided to try this recipe out. It's incredible! We ended up freezing more pineapple to make it again! She has you add quite a bit of sweetener, but I used less than half of the amount and it was still plenty sweet. 

On Pugs & Pearls
In case you missed it: 

Happy first day of June! Leave a comment below and tell me how your May went!
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