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Spring always seems to be my busy season! I work in Real Estate-so that's incredibly busy during the spring. On top of the influx in work, I'm also training someone new, which is quite the task! And, it's a big social event season too! My brother just got engaged, my sister had a baby...Blake and I are also doing some volunteer construction work that has us working about 30 hours a month right now as well. So, I just feel like it's been a whirlwind lately! It's all good things tough, so I'm grateful for that. 

I thought I'd just pop in and share a few things that I haven't been able to blog about yet.

one// I got my hair cut!
I know I'm not the only one who does this, but I find myself growing out my hair as long as I can stand it and then cut it really short...grow it out again...and repeat! I haven't had a consistent hair style in a long time! After getting SO annoyed with how tangled my hair was getting all the time, I decided to cut it again! I'm so in love with it that I really do intend on keeping it this way for awhile. 

It's easy to manage and quicker to style! All bonuses during this busy season!

two// The flower fields are back!
One of my very favorite things about spring are these gorgeous wildflower fields that pop up in our area. They are blindingly beautiful! We haven't gotten as much rain this year, so they aren't as great as last year. We always have to stop and pick a few! This day we also got to see our friend's baby goats! Baby anything is so cute. This goat had triplets named Huey, Dewey and Louie. (Their other goat had three more babies just a few days later.) Blake and I aren't very 'country' but we sure love having friends who have land and animals. 

three// Erin Condren notebook obsession
As an office supply aficionado, you can take seriously my high recommendation of these notebooks! They are just the best. The paper is so thick and there are a couple of different layouts to choose from. Plus a custom cover is so fun! I'm now on my third. Each one has a different purpose - of course!

Can you tell what my favorite color is?? #obsessed. If you sign up for and Erin Condren account with my link you get a $10 gift certificate in your email. Which means these notebooks are only $10!

four// Race bib display
Decluttering our house might just be one of my all time favorite activities! Even though I've gotten rid of anything and everything I could manage to part with, I still have a few collections here and there. One thing I've saved is all of my race bibs and race medals- but I kept them under the bed. I was really feeling like if you feel the need to keep something for sentimental reasons, you need to have it in a place where you can see it and appreciate it. 

So, I had Blake help me whip up this little display for my race stuff! It's so cute and was a breeze to make. Really you just need to cut a board to size. Sand (or buy one ready to stain), and stain or paint it. Add a few hooks and metal clips and there you go. 

I originally had planned for this to go in our office, but when I held up the gray stained board to the gray wall it looked weird. So we found this little under appreciated spot and it fit perfectly! 

Can you spot Delly?
five// Nephew photo shoot
I got a little photography practice in last week when my sister asked me to take 1 month old pictures of Lennox. I can't believe he is a month old already! He is such a chunk. It worked out perfectly, because we went out to eat for lunch and by the time we got back home he was awake from his nap, well fed and ready for his close up. 

It's very difficult to get pictures of such a squirmy little guy! Carter also made sure he got in the way as much as possible. My buddy is having a hard time sharing his auntie! 

When I got home to upload the photos I was really mad at myself because so many pictures turned out strange. Turns out Carter had turned the knob on my camera when he 'practiced' taking a picture. So my settings were slightly off. Oh, well we still got a few that were frameable! 

Leave a comment below if you totally understand a busy spring! Tell me what you've been up to lately and if you like this style of post! I want to know if you are like me with the hair cut cycle or the office supply obsession!

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