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My Three Top Tips For Amazing Outfit Photos

Monday, February 12, 2018

Three Tips for Amazing Blog Outfit Photos!

Find A Photographer
While it is completely possible to take your own photos with a tripod, it's not the most ideal arrangement. I've done it, it's not great. Constantly running back and forth to the camera, making sure you are lined up correctly, setting the timer and running back to your mark is so inefficient. Plus it can feel really awkward smiling at nobody! 

Hire your husband, sister, mom or best friend for an hour! Promise them you'll buy their lunch, and go have some fun. My poor husband does not enjoy taking outfit pictures for me. He has always done a great job though! (You can see his photos here and here!) 

I can't recommend enough hiring a professional! This is a great opportunity for you to find a local photographer, one who may just be starting out. They will appreciate the practice, and will have some great portraits to add to their portfolio. Plus, newer photographers tend to be more affordable. (And may even be open to trading some social media exposure for pictures!) 

You can always hire a more established photographer, and in that case you will probably end up with perfect and stunning images to use. (Great exposure for you if they share your post with their followers too!) With that may come a bigger price tag, so it's all in what you can budget. 

Three Tips for Amazing Blog Outfit Photos!

Three Tips for Amazing Blog Outfit Photos!
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Communicate With Your Photographer
Miscommunication may be the biggest source of disappointment there is, in general. Both you and your photographer need to be on the same page, and the best way to do that is to talk about exactly what you want. 

If your photographer is an inexperienced friend, try taking a photo of them in the same pose you want them to take of you. They will be able to clearly see what your vision is, and they can easily replicate what you want. 

Professional photographers all have a different style. Some take dark and moody pictures, while others prefer bright and airy shots. Some love to pose you in a very Pinterest way, and still others want to capture you candidly. Which do you like better? Tell them! It's also important to communicate exactly what shots you are hoping to get. If you are showcasing your new handbag in your next post, make sure they know you need a shot of it. 

Communication is also important when it comes to the business side of things. Ask questions. When do they expect payment? How long does it take to get back your images? How much photoshopping do you do? Do I need to credit you for the photography in my post? How often can you work with me? Is it okay if our next shoot is several outfits? And if it's a friend or family member taking the pictures, make sure you ask if they mind doing it or if they don't enjoy it! That's important. 

Three Tips for Amazing Blog Outfit Photos!

Three Tips for Amazing Blog Outfit Photos!
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Tips for Posing
If you've hired a professional, they may be able to warn you if your stance is unflattering. But, if your mom is taking the pictures, she may not recognize an unflattering angle-because let's face it, your mom always thinks you look beautiful. In that case, have her take a few and then review the back of the camera. See what you like, or don't and adjust!

Practicing in front of the mirror is always a good idea. Get fully dressed and do a few poses in front of your reflection before you head out for your photoshoot. Most likely you already know what your best angle is! 

Generally speaking, it's best to lean your weight away from the camera. This is a tip I picked up from my photographer! Naturally I always try to lean in, but I can tell when my weight is shifted away. It may feel a bit awkward, but it looks much better! 

Give your photographer something to work with too! Laugh, play with your hair, or smell a flower. Not only is this more interesting to look at as a reader, but it makes the whole photoshoot more fun. Just standing there doesn't give your photographer much inspiration. & When they do have a flash of inspiration, go with it! It'll be more exciting for both of you. 

Leave a comment below with your best blog photog tips! Do you do it yourself, or have you found a trusty professional? Shout out to all those Instagram husbands out there!


  1. I've never worked with a pro for my blog and, honestly, most professional encounters I've had have been awkward. (Our engagement session was SO awkward.) We're getting pictures done for our anniversary, though, and I'm pretty hopeful about those!

  2. Thank you for these tips! I’m trying to get a lot better at posing and your tip about shifting my weight back is so helpful! Thank you! As for my photographer, my husband takes my photos! He’s a good sport. xAllie

  3. These are great tips! My Aunt does almost all my blog photos and we have definitely improved our communication over the years. The more fun you have taking pictures the better they turn out for sure!

  4. I HAAATE doing self-timer and having to run back and forth to the camera to check what shot I've gotten. I never would have thought to practice poses in the mirror but that's such a great idea!!!



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