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Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

For someone who has a goal of visiting all the State Parks in Florida, you wouldn't know if from the number I crossed off the list this year, a whopping 2! (The last one we visited was in January!) The reality is, it's mostly too hot to do these parks unless it involves swimming, and those are very crowded in the summer. 

The most recent park we checked off the list is actually the newest State Park in Florida. Gilchrist Blue Springs has obviously been there for awhile though. Blake even remembers going when his family first moved to Florida when he was 9. He says the diving board used to be a lot higher, haha.

We happily ate our lunch at a picnic table in the sun, and watched what we thought was a lunatic get in the water! Turns out he wasn't all that crazy because the water stays the same temperature all year long and was actually really pleasant. 

The water was stunning! I will happily come back here in the summer for swimming. It makes me happy when I can see what is in the water with me.

Now, because it's such a new park it was lacking in a few ways. The hiking trail was not quite clearly marked. The park ranger told us that it was impossible to get lost because all we have to do is follow the fence line. Nope! While it was beautiful, and cleared, the trail had like 17 forks and we had no idea if we were on the trail or not.

It was so peaceful and quiet though, and we even saw a family of wild pigs on the edge of the park! Scary in the moment, because the daddies are very protective. There were at least a dozen pink and black piglets! 

Leave a comment below if you have a slow going bucket list! Have you ever been back to a place you went to as a kid, and you remembered it differently?


  1. This looks gorgeous! Taking advantage of state parks is such a good way to see new places and enjoy nature!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal



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