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We've had Disney passes essentially our entire marriage, but we decided about 2 years ago to hold off on renewing until all of the new construction at the parks was finished. You can pay monthly for a pass, but with hotel expenses and food - our trips were really adding up. We figured we'd wait a few years and then all the new stuff would be open and it would be worth the wait! Last year my parents bought us the 4 day Florida resident ticket for our anniversary, and we happily used that

When my sister in law invited us to go with her, we were really stuck between a rock and a hard place! I've been wanting to go with our niece and nephew since they were born, but we really had no intention of getting passes for awhile. Well peer pressure won out, and we decided to go. Amazingly, the Florida resident special ticket went on sale 2 days before we were going! It's such a good deal. You have to use your days before June, but it's about half the price. Total score! 

Disney is such a special place to us, and we have lots of great memories there. We made quite a few more this trip! On to a few highlights:




My favorite moments:

The Star Wars VR experience at Disney Springs
By far one of the coolest things we've ever done. Teams of 4 gear up with a backpack and virtual reality helmet and go on a secret mission together! It's so amazing. It's a bit disorienting at first, but super super fun once you get the hang of it. 

Riding Thunder Mountain just as the fireworks started
We could not have timed this even if we tried. Our goal was to stay until the firework show started, even though it was getting pretty cold. We had about an hour to kill, so we decided to ride Thunder Mountain. Even though the wait time said 35 minutes we knew it was much longer than that as soon as we got into the queue. We boarded the roller coaster, and just as we were going over the first hill the fireworks started going. It was such an epic moment. Turns out the fireworks are shot off toward the back of the park, and when we got off the ride we could see the whole show perfectly from there. Thankfully they started piping in the music throughout the park, so we didn't miss anything! Warming up with hot chocolate and churros right after the show was a perfect end to the day. 

Watching my niece enjoy Soarin'
Gia is actually the perfect age for Disney. Everything was amazing to her, and she is such a ham anyway. She reacted to everything just like the designers hope. Yelling for Prince Phillip to get Maleficent during the parade was a close second to how she responded to Soarin. She was mesmerized, said wow about a thousand times, and even pulled her feet up when she thought she was really going to hit the top of a mountain. So precious! Exactly why I wanted to go with them so bad. (Although, my nephew Zane was completely traumatized by all the characters, so that did put a damper on things, haha)

Dying of laughter at all of our ride photos
The Memory Maker package is expensive, but totally worth all of the amazing ride photos we got! I sprinkled a few in this post. I have never laughed so hard in my life! The best one is our group riding Frozen. Blake and I went to go get a beer while everybody else rode. When we got back everyone was soaked! We've ridden before and I swear we never even got a droplet of water on us. The picture is worth 1,000 words.

Finally, I'd like to give a shout out to my amazing blogger husband. He snuck over to a stranger's stroller to rotate their $20 balloons so that we could get a shot of the carousel and castle. Real MVP right there. 

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