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Friday Five

Friday, November 3, 2017

one// I take way too many pug pictures!
I share quite a few pictures of my pugs on instagram, but it's actually embarrassing how many dog pictures I have on my phone. They are just so cute, I can't help myself.

One hilariously awful thing they did this week: Blake got a bag of beef jerky as a gift (long story) at work and brought it home. We haven't been eating meat, so he figured he'd break them up and give them to the dogs as treats. Well it's like they got the taste for blood since that first bite. Bailey has been stalking the bin in the pantry. I headed out to my sister's house this week, and Blake got home about 15 minutes after I left. Within that 15 minutes, these dogs got into the bag of beef jerky, shredded it open and ate every last piece. Their bellies are so fat right now. We will have to double up the walks. 

two// Wedding Ring Saga
We got a telescopic ladder at work, and while I was trying to figure out how it worked, I slammed one of the rungs down on my hand. Later that night my wedding ring felt really tight on my finger, so I just slipped it off thinking I ate too much salty food at dinner. Well the next morning, I went to go put it back on and I found it like this....bent and missing a diamond! 

I'm so grateful to my jeweler, who made it look better than the day I got it! It only took a week to fix, but I didn't get it to the shop for a week, so 2 weeks without your wedding ring just feels so wrong! Protect those rings ladies. 

three// Allergies. 
Oh, how depressing this is for me. I've always had sensitive skin. There are certain laundry soaps I can't use, grass makes me itch like crazy...the list goes on. About 2 weeks ago I had a particularly bad allergic reaction. It was a rash on both of my entire arms, legs and my face. (#hideous.) I did my usual Benadryl regime, and nothing happened. It stayed the same, if not got worse. After a lot of research my rash appeared to be food related, not from contact with something. 

I could obviously go to the doctor, and I do intend to get a Scratch Test soonish. But, I thought it would be a lot easier to just do a quick elimination diet of all the major offenders and just see what happens. I decided dairy or tomatoes were the most likely offenders, so I'd start with one of those. Tomatoes are literally my favorite food, so I went with dairy first. After 2 days my skin was 98% back to normal. It's pretty obvious to me that's the problem. (Seriously though, 75% of the world's population is lactose intolerant.) 

So I'm just over a week with no dairy products. This is HARD. There is dairy in almost everything. On the bright side, eating out has never been less of a temptation and my pants feel looser even after just a week. Plus Ben & Jerry's has a dairy free carton! This is definitely just the beginning of this story, so maybe it needs it's own post once I know more. 

four// Things have just been working.
When I designed my schedule a few months ago, I really hoped it worked. It's SO nice to be 3 months into that new schedule and everything going perfectly. I don't feel stressed, and everything feels like it's under control! 

Most of that is because we are keeping it super simple. Simple kinda means boring for the blog, but I'm relishing in it. So thanks for following along, even though posts may be more sporadic. I only had 2 posts in October, but last October I only did 3, so I guess things are normal. 

Here I am on Sunday! It was finally cold enough to wear some layers! Honestly it was warm enough to take off the vest, but we were heading to Publix for our weekly shopping trip, and it's always freezing in there! 

five// My sister is having another baby! 
I'm just so so happy for them. Last night she did a gender reveal party. I've never been to one before, because I guess it's kind of a new thing. It was a really fun way to celebrate this little life and to surround them with support. Plus it was really fun to decorate their backyard in pink and blue, and dress in the color of the gender we thought it would be. 

Blake and I lit the colored smoke bombs, which was a lot of pressure! Photos and Video by Black Tie Cinema. I didn't cry at the actual event, but I definitely did watching the video. Being an Aunt is one of my favorite things in life. 

Happy Friday!


  1. I was diagnosed as lactose intolerant in Feb of 2016. Certain cheese brands like Kraft and Cabot are mostly lactose intolerant, just check the back of the package! Lactaid really helps me when I am out eating with friends and Pinterest has been a huge help. Jess at Just Jess

    1. I have pinned SO many new recipes on Pinterest! Definitely going to be a lot of experimenting.

  2. So sorry about your allergies! I used to have all sorts of allergies to soaps and such, but over the years, I am more tolerant. So it is something you can grow out of, so to speak!

    1. Isn't it interesting?! Some people develop allergies later in life and others grow out of ones they've had since childhood. The body is so fascinating.

  3. the same thing just happened to my friend, shut her hand in a door and the ring was totally bent and missing a diamond. I think we have to be more careful of those diamonds! I also hope you feel better with the allergy situation, that is no fun. and congrats on another nephew!!! such a sweet video.

    1. Yes! Protect your rings! You don't realize how special they are to you until you can't wear them.
      Thank you! We are very excited about another little boy in the fam.

  4. Oh no to your wedding ring and allergies!! I'm so sorry about that! But congrats on a new baby nephew! That is so much fun. I love gender reveal parties :)

    Katherine |

    1. Life has ups and downs, doesn't it?!
      I had never been to a gender reveal, but the excitement is very real and it was cool to be a part of!

  5. Congrats on the new nephew! That was such a cute video. So sorry to hear about your allergies though!

  6. Ugh. Those allergies sound terrible :(
    I never mind seeing billions of dog photos on blogs and IG and Facebook :)
    I'm glad they fixed your wedding band/diamond! I feel naked without my ring now.

    1. I love dog pictures too! I'm glad I'm not the only one. You will always see plenty here, haha!

  7. Congrats on having a new nephew! I have two nephews with a third coming in March!
    I didn't know the pugs were on Instagram... I've been missing out WHAT?! Going to follow right now.

    1. Yay, thank you for following Steph! I try to post pug pics often, but also not too much-which is hard!



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