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5 Things I Want To Tell You About

Friday, June 16, 2017

Delly is basically famous.
I have an Instagram account for the pugs. I cringe every time I admit that, but I have a legitimate reason for it! My instagram feed is loaded with pictures of my friend's kids, and there are probably only a handful of those kids that I actually want to see pictures of. Half the pictures on my phone are of my dogs, and undoubtedly others don't care about them like I do (just like how I feel about kid pictures) so I created an Instagram, so my friends who do want to see them can. 

There is actually a huge pug population on Instagram! I'll put it this way, the dog's account has more followers than my personal account. Anyway, all that said because the following picture of Delly went basically viral. Not really, but most of our pictures get about 100 likes or so, but this one got close to 500! For no reason. I mean it's cute, but I really don't understand !! It must have something to do with Instagram's algorithms. The next picture I posted was back to the usual amount. 

I'm trying to cook more at home!
Eating out is still our biggest weakness when it comes to our budget. Some days are just so busy, and the last thing we want to do is come home and cook. The funny thing is, we never have meals out that are better than something we can do at home. I'd definitely like to challenge myself to cook more frequently. This past weekend I made my first cheeseboard! I'm drooling just looking at it. 

Oh, and our taco nights have forever changed because of these tortillas! The yellow corn ones are to die for and they don't fall apart. I easily found them in our small-town Publix that doesn't usually carry too much variety. 

Blake finally bought me a riding lawn mower!
I have been waiting for this for years!! We've had a sorry push mower for the longest time, and this past year the self-propelled function broke. It's an incredible workout, but it was taking us like 2 hours to mow even though we only have less than a half of an acre. Funnily, it was Blake's turn to mow the grass, and that's what made him finally go up to Lowe's and get a riding mower. 

It's been raining for days upon days here, so our yard has needed some serious attention for awhile. Maybe I'll have a little time this weekend to finally work on our flowerbeds. We are also looking into getting a fence put in, so we don't have to see the palm tree jungle and trash can collection in the alley behind us. It will also be great to just be able to let the pugs out, and not have to worry about them chasing down our poor neighbor(s)...that may have happened twice in the same day recently....

Pugs & Pearls got a facelift!
I've slowwwwly been working on a little makeover for this blog. My tastes have changed since I started blogging in 2014 (!). Right now I really appreciate a simpler, easy to read format. I found a great (basic) template from Etsy that I was able to completely customize, which I really liked. Mobile friendly was important to me too. It would have been SO great to have a professional design it for me, but I had trouble with the idea of handing over so much money. 

I've had a couple of hiccups, so let me know if you see anything that isn't working right. For instance, some text was showing up white, and I still don't know why, but I think I fixed that. I've actually been really proud of myself. Not only is HTML pretty scary, but I was also able to design my own header, and fix a Bloglovin problem. (For some reason my blog had my .com and my .blogspot pages separately.) 

Props to some of you who already noticed the makeover! It's been cool to see who comes directly to my website, and who reads from something like Bloglovin

Blake and I are basically turning into the same person.
This cracked me up! One of the photo's from Wednesday's post about Blake's style reminded me instantly of the picture of me from a few weeks ago. We are making the exact same expression of disdain or skepticism, I'm not sure which. 

When you've been together for a few years, you definitely start rubbing off on the other person... I just didn't have photographic evidence before! 

Have a great weekend!


  1. haha I love this! Your pugs really are so cute! And your meals look so professional! You should do a mini series on what you guys eat in a week!

    Katherine |

    1. That is a great idea! I actually started blogging back in the day with a recipe blog. Cooking for 2 as a newlywed was such an adventure! I would be happy to share our weekly meals, I wonder if other people would be into that.

  2. Your design looks great! And your cheese board was beautiful! My dog also has an Instagram account, but I'm really bad at keeping up with it lol.

    1. Thanks!! Leave Bell's instagram @, I'd love to follow!

  3. Your new design is great and I LOVE the new logo.
    Now if Blake wants to rise the lawnmower over to our house and cut the grass that would be fantastic! 👌

    1. You're opinion is one that matters most to me! You'll have to tell me if I need to change anything.
      And girl, you know we'd mow for you! It might be the best time to ask since it's still a new toy, haha.

  4. That pug picture is so cute! Our dog Castiel does the same tongue thing. My pug pictures get way more likes than my other ones. Haha.

  5. lol okay first of all - I love that you have an Instagram account for your pugs. That's important. Pugs are the best. And also this is creepy but maybe it has something to do with your foot????? People are weird, man. I once got some super weirdo comments on Instagram after posting a photo of my feet. Feet fetishes are so bizarre to me! But let's just hope weirdos are not looking at your feet and people just happen to really like that photo of the pup! Hahah also omg I totally agree about needing to cook more. I actually made something I found on Pinterest that I love so much I'm going to share with you because I think you might like it, too. And I love how excited you are about a riding lawn mower. If I had a yard I think I'd like one, too!

    1. OMG lol! I did not think about that... people are so weird!

  6. Those tacos look delish! I love that you have a pug Instagram! Like sooo fun! Their adorable! My mom and I are over here ooing and aahhhing at all the sweet puggies! We live in Central FL. My mom is literally like "we will babysit her pugs if she needs ahah!". I just updated my blog layout also! It really does make the world of a difference.

    Katie |

  7. That last thing made me laugh! It's so true, you really do rub off on each other without even realizing it's happening!!

  8. Ahaha, love those pics of you two making the same expression!! Ahah, I have an IG account for my cat, so don't feel embarrassed! Gave you a follow! ;)



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