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Stride Against Silence 5k - Gainesville

Monday, March 20, 2017

On Saturday, my husband and I participated in the Stride Against Silence 5K in Gainesville with some of our family! Nicole found it and had everyone sign up for it, so I had no idea it would be such a tiny race. I'm used to doing larger, more popular races, so I was really surprised how intimate the group was. I ended up really enjoying it though! Sometimes, with bigger races, you end up at the back of the corral and it takes a few minutes to even cross the start line as people are heading towards it. 

This was so relaxed and we were almost at the front of the pack. It was a perfect morning for running too because it was pretty brisk. I got made fun of for my shorts, but I know how I am and I knew I'd hate having extra layers on after a mile. 

Every single time I'm running in a 5K, I think "I'm going to train better for the next race!" Blake and I started off so strong with our Couch to 5K program 2 months ago, but we got derailed just as we saw progress. He ended up walking most of the race and I'd say I ran 2/3rds. During mile 2 I ran/walked since it was pretty hilly near Lake Alice and the area where the fraternities are.

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That last picture of Blake was a joke, he was barely even winded. He's so stubborn he has to make me feel bad for making him sign up. We all felt really proud afterward and celebrated with brunch at The Flying Biscuit. Best grits ever!!


  1. Congrats!!! I love doing races! I did one this past weekend too, and it reminded me how much I really do love them. Love that you celebrated with some good food. Is there a better way to celebrate?! NOPE! Ha. :)

  2. Ah, I live in Gainesville! I feel like I rarely come across Bloggers who are from this area, so I'm super happy I found your blog! Awesome job with the 5K! also, The Flying Biscuit is amazing.

    1. Awesome! We don't live in Gainesville, but close enough where we are in town a lot. Glad you found me too! I had been to The Flying Biscuit once before, but didn't remember how delicious it was! The wait is always kinda long, but now I know why.

  3. Congrats! Post race grits sounds fantastic lol!

    1. They were!! I have to find out how they made them, because they were so creamy and good! Definitely not the instant kind. Thanks for reading!



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