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Friday Five

Friday, December 9, 2016

Monday was such a rainy day! I got half way to work and wished I had worn my Hunter rain boots. I really regretted it when I realized that I was going on inspections out of the office...and even more when I realized 2 of the homes were new construction (aka muddy and hazardous)!

I ended up vowing to start wearing some more appropriate footwear on field days. It will probably end up being my Sperry's, but those aren't really ideal either! We just ordered matching Polos for the office. I will continue to wear clothes like the outfit below on office days, but will have to wear the Polo on inspection days. I am kind of looking forward to it! One less thing to have to think about.

Shoes: Brooks Brothers // Pants: American Eagle // Top: Ann Taylor // Cardi: J Crew (all pretty old!) 

Another vet day with Winston! His eye is improving and we were able to decrease the medicines he is on. They were really complimentary of our care, so that made me feel really good. I noticed his ears were a little inflamed, so I had them check on that. Apparently a little water got in there from his last bath and started growing! It will be easy to clear up, but now we will have to do a ear flush after baths so it doesn't happen again. Pug anatomy isn't ideal, to say the least!

I am also really proud of a little DIY I installed on Tuesday. I found this awesome set of under cabinet lightson Amazon and thought that it would really make a difference in our kitchen. BEST $30 I've ever spent. Seriously. They came with double sided tape by 3M and it couldn't have been easier to put them up. All I need to do is order a small cord hider. 

Check out the difference: 

Our kitchen has a small window and just a simple flush mount light on the ceiling, so the lighting in there has never been stellar. It's always made snapping pictures for recipes hard! So I'm pretty excited to see how these lights change that. 

On Wednesday I worked from home! Pugs follow you around everywhere you go. Even if you are just getting up for a drink of water they all get up and go with you! Originally, we bought this bed for Bailey when we first adopted her. She was so pregnant, we didn't want her jumping up or down from the couch. She used it for a short time, and then the puppies adopted it whenever they were allowed out of their pen. Lately though it's just been something for Winston to pee on! I put the bed in the office, a room they are usually blocked off from, to keep me from having to wash it again. Anyway, I was typing away at the computer, look over and I see this! All three of them lying together! SO cute. 

Things were so mixed up this week at work because 2 of my coworkers were out of the office (2 of 7 people is a big deal). I ended up going out on inspections, which I wasn't prepared for again! I wore my light khakis and the wrong shoes. 

One of the reasons I've been so adamant about removing some of our landscaping is because of crawling through people's bushes to measure houses! 

Sweater and Top: J Crew // Khakis: American Eagle // Shoes: Brooks Brothers // Necklace: Target

I made a goal about a month ago not to buy anymore clothes until 2017. I have to admit that I have failed! But, I have definitely changed my shopping habits in the last few months. I bought 2 things on Cyber Monday and I bought these shoes today. The things I bought on Cyber Monday were things I actually needed and fit in with my idea for a more capsulized wardrobe. 

These shoes are also something I needed and I shopped really differently for them. I went into 3 stores to find them, when normally I would have just settled for something in the 1st one. I ended up in DSW, which is a favorite anyway. I had another pair in my hand when I ventured into the clearance section and saw these. They were an additional 30% off and in my size! Whoop Whoop! 

The pair I'm wearing in the above two outfits were SO well loved and were barely getting by anymore. I have to say I was a bit disappointed by how long they lasted. My theory was to spend extra money on real leather shoes so they'd last forever. But, they really didn't last much longer than some of the cheaper versions I've had before. Although I do wear them pretty much every day.

So, I'm hoping these will last a decent amount of time. Either way I love the scallop detail and cognac is my jam right now. DSW is amazing and I fell in love with a couple of pairs I saw! It seems like all the cute shoes have mile high heels. Meanwhile the Life Stride old lady shoes are more my speed!

Have a great weekend everyone! 

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