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Friday Five - 12/23/16

Friday, December 23, 2016

Monday was so dreary and rainy. I'm so glad I wore my Hunters, because I ended up having to hand-deliver a report to a customer's office. The rain let up enough for me to venture out, but it was still that misty kind. I didn't get too wet, and I was happy to add to my 10,000 step goal! Also, I still can't figure out if the stripes on this shirt are navy or black?! This picture makes them look navy, but I'm not convinced. 

Top: J.Crew (thrifted) // Pants: New York & Co // Boots: Hunter // Umbrella: Target // Necklace: Monogram Online // Wristlet: Fossil

Tuesday was a very productive day for me! I got so much accomplished before 10 am. I love days like that! It gave me enough time in the afternoon to snuggle with my pups for a little bit. Then Blake and I went and saw Rouge One again in the evening. 
One of the things I've been meaning to do is make a profile for! I used it a month or so ago on a day where we were going to be gone from sunup to sundown and no one I knew was available to help let our pups out. Pinterest totally marketed to me with a picture of a pug and link to It worked out awesome. I found a dog walker who was able to come and take care of my pups while we were gone. 
She spent 30 minutes pottying and playing with our pugs, and I got tons of pictures the whole time she was at our house. It was so great, and I kept thinking I should sign up and be a dog walker myself. 
The walker we used lived quite a distance away, but was willing to drive over anyway. There weren't any people closer to our area. That made me think I really need to sign up. You set your fees and availability, and you get paid through the site. It could be a cool way for me to earn a little extra cash, doing something active. So we will see! 
If you are local and you want a link to my profile, send me an email! My promocode is PUGSANDPEARLS20, which gives you $20 to use toward any service(s)!  Not just mine, but any toward any sitter.

Wednesday was another freezing day by Florida standards. I was planning on going for a run, but decided to do a TurboFire dvd instead. I always forget how much I LOVE these dvds. I did the 45EZ disc and was really huffing and puffing by the half way point. In fact, I had to take off my weighted gloves, because it was getting too hard. 
I can't believe how out of shape I've gotten in the last few months! I'll get back to it! I had an awesome workout on Monday, and was still pretty sore doing this class. It felt so good when I opened up the front door and let the chilly air in. [I talk about my 90 experience with TurboFire here]

My mom asked me to lend my little brother a hand with his room. (I've already told you how once you start talking about your decluttering mission, you will get asked to help with other people's!)
So on Thursday I made a date with him to get it done. We went through all of his clothes, and donated/trashed 6 bags full. The kid has collected quite a few free college t-shirts. His closets turned out really well too. He should be able to get dressed for his internship really easily now. 

We also picked up a bedding set at Target, which was SO fun for me to pick out. Nate Berkus has some great choices for neutral and masculine beds. They also had new curtains installed after I left, so it's a whole new room now. Whoever invented those swinging blind things committed a terrible crime against humankind...

I have today off! I'm spending it doing chores around the house and getting a quick grocery trip in before the stores close this weekend. We also think an animal may have gotten into our crawlspace, so tonight we are on a mission to get it out!! 
In the meantime, I will leave you with a trailer for a documentary on Netflix, which I was very intrigued by! I like that they talk about how minimalism looks different for everyone, especially because I don't agree with extremes. The footage from black friday sales is pretty alarming, and I was also disturbed about the statistics on advertising to children. The interview with Dan Harris was also very interesting, I had no idea he had a panic attack on national tv. This documentary is definitely worth watching!

Have an awesome weekend!!

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