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Best of 2016

Friday, December 30, 2016

It must be a symptom of getting older, but I feel like time is flying by like never before. 2016 was an interesting year for me. While the beginning of the year was fairly average, the 2nd half got pretty crazy. I am confident I am not the same person as last year, and I'm excited about that! 

Here are a few highlights from this past year (my 3rd year of blogging!) and the top posts you guys loved. 
The month of January started off really great with a trip to Tarpon Springs and our last trip to Disney World for a while. (We are holding off on renewing our passes until next year.) Blake also had his Gallbladder scare in January. That was a very stressful trip to the ER. They had him give up a few foods, and I found a cleanse online for him to try. So far he hasn't had any problems with it again. However we are still working on that hospital bill!

By far your favorite post in January was my Warby Parker home try-on experience with the Spring Collection. I loved the frames I tried, and I'm still planning on ordering some prescription sunglasses. 

February is always one of my favorite months! Our anniversary is on the 27th, and we tend to celebrate it all month long! 2016 marked 6 years for us, and I wrote a really funny post about the things that didn't go perfectly on our wedding day. 

My personal favorite post in March was the interview I did with Blake, called "So I Married A Blogger". He cracks me up, and I really think he needs his own blog. Although it'd end up being about video games or sports. I also personally loved writing this post about taking your own listing photos. It's one of my jobs at work, and I really like doing it, but you can do it too! 

Your favorite post was, surprise surprise, a pug post! I share a few suggestions on what you'll need with a pug and some tips about training.

In April you guys loved my unboxing of my First Stitch Fix! I really liked the idea, but only ended up getting 2 boxes. However my favorite and go-to dress came from the first box! 

My favorite thing to share in April were the photos Blake and I took. We re-took our wedding photos, 6 years later! I LOVE this pictures and think they capture us so much better than the original ones we took.  
May is when we accomplished something I've been dying to do forever! We did a back porch makeover. It turned out exactly like what I had pictured and we adore sitting out there. The furniture has held up really well-minus the crazy neighbor dog incident. We left the screen door open one night and a crazy dog from the neighborhood had a party on our porch. Some of the cushions got chewed on, but after a good washing you can barely tell. We are a lot better about closing that door now. 

We sit out here as often as possible. The only thing it's missing is some sort of fire feature, but I'm not sure that's the best idea in an enclosed area. 

June was a really busy month! I can tell because I think I posted a total of 3 times! The highlight is obviously adopting Bailey! We had wanted a 2nd pug for a long time, but adopting her happened almost overnight. She came with a lot of health problems, and it was a total shock that she was pregnant! Looking at photos of her in June and comparing them to now shows an amazing transformation. She is doing great and we love her laid back personality. 

I think I'm still recovering from our July! We started our bathroom remodel in July, and that took the entire month to complete. Bailey had her puppies on the 19th and that was all consuming! It was such a traumatic event for us, but pretty soon we were distracted by the love and care that Fred and Winston came with. 

We finally finished our bathroom makeover in August and I'm still swooning over the transformation. I love how it turned out and am also really proud that my choices came together so well. 

September was a month of recovery for us. Our summer was intense and overwhelming! We spent most of our time with the puppies, but we squeezed in a trip to the OBX with family for some rest. When we got back from our trip, we said goodbye to Fred who went to live with his new family. 3 dogs is plenty, but we still miss him! 

One of my most popular series are my Currently Loving posts! I'm glad because I love them too. I share about 5 things I'm currently crushing on. My fall favorites were shared in October

I did so many fun things in November! A highlight was certainly our cruise over Thanksgiving, but I'm most proud of accomplishing my first real 10k! That runner's high thing is legit. 
In November I also relieved Blake of his photographer duties and started using Chabeli to take my outfits photos! I love them so much and I think you guys did too. 

 In December I started my new Friday Five series, which you all seem to respond to! It's a more detailed look into my actual week, instead of just 5 random things I want to share.
Earlier this fall I started really looking into minimalism. I've made SO much progress in the last few weeks. I know this new mindset is changing me as a person. Thanks for letting me share a few minimalism updates with you! It's so rewarding to see progress. Even as I look at this picture, that I took just a few weeks ago, I see that I've gotten rid of more things that I don't need.

Thank you all for following along with me this year! I have set a few goals for 2017, and I think it's going to be slower paced next year. (Thank goodness!) 

Leave a comment below if there was a post you particularly enjoyed this year, and what you want to see more of in 2017!

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  1. I won't lie pugs are not that pleasant but after going through this blog post it has changed my general perception on pugs as a matter of fact i have developed a soft for pugs such a good read.



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