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Cruise 2016

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

It's sort of become an annual tradition to take a cruise over Thanksgiving weekend! With a family business you have to take family trips during times when the office is closed, so we've sort of settled on the end of November. 

We were counting the number of cruises my family has been on together, and I think we ended up saying 11 or 12! Still my favorite one was that very first one when I was 12. It was all new and exciting! 

This year's cruise definitely makes the top of the list though! We took along the two other people who work with our family and their families. I think the group you go with makes all the difference! I like that we all do things together, but are also totally cool with everyone doing their own thing. 

We sailed on the Carnival Fantasy, an older but still nice ship. It seemed like it had been updated recently. Our only port of call was Cozumel, Mexico, which is definitely a favorite! We took an excursion to Chankanaab Park and had so much fun. The park had so much to do. Our favorites were the Tequila tasting and the swim up bar. We actually learned quite a bit about tequila. They told us that if we drink it with salt and lime we are doing it wrong! News to me. 

After getting seasick on last year's cruise, I was thrilled to sail on calmer seas. In fact I think Blake wasn't looking forward to this trip because of how rough it was last time. As we were going to bed the first night he said it was already better than last time, so that made me feel better. 

We are so happy to be home now. I missed my puppies so much! Although, being disconnected for a few days was really refreshing. When I finally got on Instagram I noticed that I scrolled right past several people's posts. That was the signal for me to unfollow. It's probably really good to do that once in awhile! 

I'll leave you with a few of the highlights: 


  1. This is so fun! I've been telling my family for YEARS that I'd love to do a big cruise together, but getting everybody on board (literally!) at the same time has been a little challenging. So glad you all had fun!

    1. It is hard to get everyone on the same page! We had this trip planned for almost a year, so that may help-giving everyone plenty of time to save up and enough notice for getting off work. Thanks for reading!

  2. Ah, looks magical! I still haven't been on a cruise... So jealous! My mom was on the one a few years ago ( that ended early because everyone got sick! Luckily she didn't get sick herself. She still had a great time, regardless! I'd love to cruise through Alaska.

    1. What a nightmare! It's easy to see how those sicknesses spread because it is pretty close quarters. I noticed several hand washing stations and sanitzer dispensers all over the boat. Plus they make you take a health questionare before you get on. It still happens though!
      An Alaskan cruise and a Disney cruise are on the top of my wishlist!!



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