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Friday Five

Friday, September 30, 2016

one// Long time no blog! Feeling a bit uninspired lately. Well, really just inspired to do other things besides blog. September is always a time of reflection and restarting for me. I think it's from back to school days! I have really be wanting to revamp my schedule as well as some of my habits so a big chunk of my focus has been in that.

two// We just got back from our 2nd big vacation this year! We had a mini family reunion in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We live in Florida, but Blake's family lives in New York, New Jersey and West Virginia, so we met in the middle. No one in our group had been to the OBX, so that made this trip special. It was SO nice to be with everyone in one *giant* house. We had some bad weather while we were there, but we still had a great time playing Trivial Pursuit and Spades when it was raining. I have seriously never met a more competitive family. 

Most of our time was spent at the beach, but we also made a trip to Kitty Hawk, played putt putt and played tennis at a local club. We each took a night to cook for everyone and I loved that! 

We were going to hire a professional photographer to take a family photo, but we ended up doing just fine with our tripod in the living room!

three// We definitely missed the pups while we were on our trip. Little Fred went to live down the street at his new home and that was much more painless than I expected. Bailey didn't even seem to notice he had left! Winston harasses her enough as it is. I got out my real camera to take a few portraits of little Winnie, so I will have to share those! 

He is such a puppy and we've had to get back into the swing of training. We did really well with the 2 of them and it was a bit different since their momma was around. Now that Winston is weaned we are transitioning him to a real kennel and a stricter schedule. Before, Bailey needed access to the puppies to feed them all the time. Now we are able to lock Winston up when we leave or can't watch him. So it's an adjustment for everybody. It's bringing back so many memories of baby Delly! Also, I totally had forgotten how much puppies chew on everything!! 

four// I'm not sure if Fall Tv being back is a good thing for me or not! It's nice to have shows to watch, but sometimes keeping up with them tends to keep me from productivity! 

I watched a few new shows, but the only one I'm really interested in is This Is Us. I really like the storylines so far and I think they have a variety of material to work with. Unlike Designated Survivor, which I feel like there is only so long that story can last.

five// I have been selling our old clothes on Ebay for a couple of years now. It's such a nice way to make some extra cash on stuff you don't want anymore. In fact most of the clothing that I buy is from Ebay too. I've been doing a little brainstorming and I think I'm going to expand my sales a bit. I thrift fairly often and I always see things that won't fit me, but are a good deal or a really great brand. So I think I'm going to try my hand a flipping stuff like that. Many people have been successful at it, and I do love thrifting! I made a quick trip to goodwill the other day and bought 4 things I know I can double my money on. It's just dipping my toe in, but I think it could be something cool. 

Happy Weekend! 

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