Friday Five

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one// Whoop Whoop! I have 5 outfits to share with you! I'm getting better at remembering to take a quick picture every day. I worked a lot this week, but I did get the 4th off and just had to sport my Star Wars tee shirt for Star Wars day. I have a full outfit post for you next week too!

two// Bath and Body Works Haul! Last summer I stocked up big time at BBW, and only just now ran out of lotions. I love the summery scents and so I was really looking forward to seeing what they rolled out this season. To my happy surprise they brought back Tahiti Island Dream, which may be my all time fav. I just ran in the store to do their 5 for whatever $ they always do, and was informed that if you spent 30 dollars you qualified for a bonus bag full of products. So, I just had too. Honestly the pink scalloped bag did it alone for me, but it was full of stuff including a candle that I forgot to include in this picture. Totally worth it and now I'm stocked up for another year. 

three// Even though this video has 19 million views I only just saw it this week! I'm obsessed with this song and completely mesmerized by the dancing. His footwork alone is insane. 

four// So happy to have #Summertime sponsoring the blog this month! Anna is a great DIY momma with some seriously cute kiddos. She also happens to be my cousin and I love her very much! Head on over to see her adorable Floridian home and mom tips. (And hey if you want to sponsor, or even ad swap with a post feature click here!)

five// Can I just talk about my guacamole addiction real quick?? We have a few mexican restaurants nearby, but I now have a new favorite just for their guac alone. I have to admit to having guacamole every single day this week....seriously. I ordered it out twice and made a giant vat of it at home. [including this recipe!] & It was probably the best batch I've ever made! *Little Mermaid music: "I want moreeeeee"*

Happy Friday Guys!!

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