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Friday Five

Friday, April 8, 2016

one// I had written an entire life update post to go live this week and for some reason it didn't publish when I scheduled it. Just as well, it stressed me out reading it! Our life is so busy right now. We did hire a newbie at work which will means a big relief for me. I will share a few highlights from that post here today. 

two// I have taken on a few cleaning jobs for some extra money. Cleaning isn't the most glamorous job, but it's my jam. I enjoy that time to myself and I have been getting a lot of audiobooks finished. One of my newest jobs asked me to help organize her new house. Organizing is also one of my favorite things! It's so satisfying. Here is a linen closet I worked on this week. It makes me so happy to look at it! 

three// I've been really inspired by Bible Journaling lately. Basically you draw whats happening in the margins, or hand letter a verse. My version has been writing down a favorite scripture from the week's Bible reading in my planner margin. Job 22:21 is a new favorite. 

four// I only have my outfits from Monday and Tuesday to share with you today! Pink and navy is obviously a favorite. Wednesday and Thursday I was in my cleaning outfit which is basically a khakis and a v neck. I also loved my outfit on Sunday, but neglected to get a picture. I'm still trying to get into the habit of taking these daily pictures. I really like the idea though, so I promise to improve. 

five// If you need something to watch here are my current recommendations!
11.22.63 is a Hulu original by JJ Abrams. It's a time traveling show, where the main character tries to go back a stop the assassination of JFK. Really good, just lots of language. 

I just rented Brooklyn, and it's so good too! Love those accents and great outfits. This trailer does give away quite a bit of the plot though. 

And, lastly, we rented The Man from UNCLE last week and really really liked it. It's so funny and entertaining. We ended up buying the dvd too. 


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