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The Flower Workshop

Sunday, March 20, 2016

It's the first day of spring! It's actually been pretty springy all month here in North Florida. I've totally conquered spring cleaning and already moved my winter stuff out of the closet. We've got a bit left to do in the yard though and that's driving me crazy. I've mowed and trimmed back a lot of the dead bushes and tree limbs. All that's left are our flower beds. Kind of holding out there because we have these 2 gorgeous oak trees on one half of our property, and every spring they drop every single leaf. It's a complete waste of time to do anything until that's over. Hopefully next weekend! 

Meanwhile I have two traditions inside that I do each spring and fall. In the fall I get one of those cinnamon brooms to make the house smell like the season! In the spring it's only right to get a boquet of the sunniest and most colorful flowers. A hobby that I've always been interested in trying is flower arranging. Right now I'm a total novice and I get my flowers from the grocery store. I got this book to try to help change that! 

The Flower Workshop is a gorgeous book that walks you through every single step of flower arranging. From how and where to buy flowers to picking a color scheme. I love the index in the back as well as the chart on which season each flower is from. Sunflowers are a fall flower...whoops! 

The pictures in this book are so pretty and inspiring. The best part is that flower arranging just seems to be a lot of playing around and experimenting-which is perfect for me! I can't follow a recipe or instructions for anything. I get too creative and end up messing things up. Just ask Blake about making cookies yesterday. 

Happy spring everyone! 

Leave me a comment: What is the first thing you do when the weather starts getting warmer? Have you finished your spring cleaning yet? What hobby have you always wanted to try? Are you more of a grocery store flower person or a farmer's market kind? 

This book was sent to me for free through Blogging for Books and this post contains affiliate links.


  1. No I need to spring clean!!
    Hobby....Id like to learn to quilt!

  2. The first thing I do is open all the windows and let the stale air out. #openwindowsfordays
    I love that you are trying a new hobby! I have so many that I would love to start but not enough time.

  3. One of the best things about Tallahassee is all of the spring blossoms. Between the dogwoods, azaleas and the camillas there are parts of the city that look like they've been covered in a pink and white snow. The only down side to this rain of petals is all of the pollen. My red car looks orange :)

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