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Friday Five

Friday, February 12, 2016

one// Have you guys seen Ok Go's new music video? It's so much fun to watch. They always put out the most creative music videos, and each one gets better than the last!

two// Blake and I decided to retake our wedding portraits! I was feeling sentimental and started looking through the hundreds of pictures taken on our wedding day. I just didn't even recognize us in the pictures! Blake looked SO young and my makeup was so much more extravagant than I usually wear. Our group photos were nice, but the portraits were awkwardly posed and we look like totally different people. The thought to retake the pictures just popped up and we ran with it. I'm so excited to do it! I unboxed my dress yesterday, and I think it fits me better now than ever! 

three// Fitbit just came out with 2 new bracelets and I'm seriously dying to get one! I lost my Flex a few weeks ago and I'm so bummed about it. Every time I do anything active it's so lame not to get credit for it! I really like the new Alta. I've been saying all along they needed to make a cute and subtle tracker that can also function as a watch. Sign me up!

four// I've been having so much fun doing group fitness! Here is a little picture from this week's Tabata class. We convinced our husbands to come, and it was awesome!! Love my fit family. (Blake and I are on the left) 

five// My friend Monica opened up her Etsy shop this week! She makes the cutest planner stickers. I love using stickers in my planners, and she specializes in Erin Condren stickers. Check it out!

Happy Friday!!

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